Zaanor Rao

Character Background

I worked for the polarians during the war as a fighter pilot and later on as a capital ship pilot following a promotion. I was dishonorably discharged after knocking out my captain who sealed off the bridge and left 27 men to die, hammering on the bulkhead and begging to be saved as the void shielding failed and they got sucked from the ship. I bpunced around looking for work and finally wound up on a salvage ship, less than deserving of someone with my talents but needs must and is honourable work…. mostly.

NAME Zaanar Rao

RANK Crewman

DEPARTMENT Engineering

RACE / ROLE: Felion / Pilot

Character Description: A lithe and athletic feline, zaanar is covered in a fine jaguar-shell fur and forgoes all but the most essential clothing in order to better swing around his station at the ships helm. He has an abrasive personality but this is far outweighed by his talents as a pilot.


Zaanar Raos Intelligence: D6: Average

Zaanar Raos Strength: D6: Average

How Agile Zaanar Rao is: D8: Above Average

Zaanar Raos Resistance to Pain: D6: Average

How Charming Zaanar Rao is: D4: Not Liked at All

Zaanar Raos Combat Training: D4: No Combat training

How Perceptive Zaanar Rao is: D8: Above Average

How Stealthy Zaanar Rao is:D6: Average

Character Worst Fear: Being killed by exposure to hard vacume

Skills at D8: Piloting, Knowledge starships, Knowledge computers

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