Wildcards: Take Over at Whisper Base

Episode 1: Take over at Whisper Base


BothandroidGran pilotRebel Pilot2Female Rebel PilotMon Calamari_Pilot

Images are characters left to right 

Caer Biree’rob: Bothan Sharpshooter

D374-TP: 2-1B Medical Droid

Naxs: Gran Slicer/Pilot

Keema-Ro: Human Saboteur/Mechanic

Kara: Human Medic

Holbaa: Quartermaster/Commodore

The Rebel squad stepped out of the humid, insect-ridden jungle and into the relative cool of the garage. The garage served as an entrance to Whisper Base, an Imperial listening post deep in the wilds. For the first time since their ship delivered them to Onderon and departed, the hum of machinery drowned out the sounds of the jungle. Their task is simple enough: cut the comm line, disable Whisper Base’s lone shuttle, and then overcome the Imperials in the base without letting the commander—Lieutenant Sarev—escape to report the base lost. Simple, but by no means easy.
The smell of machine oil hung in the air all around the garage. Inside were a number of speeder bikes, as well as a pair of AT-ST walkers, with their hatches locked. Several crates were scattered about the room, as well as a number of fuel tanks. A large metal door on the other side of the bay. sealed by a complex lock, leads into the base itself.
Naxa, the Gran, founnd the comm line and began to cut and slice through it, severing Whisper Base from the outside world with a hiss and a spray of sparks. ‘Com-line severed.’ He announced.

‘Soldiers will soon investigate the disturbance. We better be ready if we want to get one of those code cylinders.’ Keema-Ro pointed out.

Keema-Ro and Naxs hid by the speeders, while Caer and D3, the Teams Medical Droid, hid behind the AT-ST. Kara slipped into the corner near to the blast doors. While Holbaa remained in the Jungle covering their escape in case everything didn’t go as planned.

Just as Kara slid into position for her ambush, The sounds of hard boots on a pourstone floor and the idle chatter of Imperial soldiers coming from behind the locked door into the base. “It’s probably just a cannok chewing on the wires again.” one of them said with an air of boredom.

The door clunked open and the guards walked in. The door to the base click shut again behind them, and the soldiers walked past Kara, who pressed hard against the wall, blaster in hand and only the shadows as her cover.

The squadron leader looked across the garage straight at D3, who wasn’t as well hidden as the rest. ‘You there! Droid! whats going on here!’ the leader demanded, while they drew their blasters.

All hell broke loose.

Kara stepped out of the shadows and shot one of the guards before he could react. Caer loosed a precision shot, another guard down. An exchange of blaster fire richoched through out the garage as the Squadron leader dove for cover.

With all of the imperial guards downed the squadron leader lunged for a console with a button marked “Alarm” as Keema-Ro’s final shot brought him down. He struggled to pull himself up for an instant, then collapsed just short of the console. The code cylinder rolled from his finger tips to the feet of Caer.

The Bothan sniper crouched down and picked it up. ‘We have the Cylinder!’ She said holding for all to see.

‘Good work all!’ Congratulated Keem-Ro, ‘Holbaa, Cylinder secured, we are going in. Watch our backs’

‘I will keep an eye out for any traps.’ Replied the Mon Calimari from his hiding place in the Jungle overlooking the base entrance.

Caer stepped forward and used the code cylinder to open the base door. The slab of grey metal slid open with a resounding clank. Before them stood a droid, carrying a mop and a bucket and peering at them quizzically through its lenses. “Greetings, unfamiliar organic individual. This unit has been ordered to see to the cleaning of the garage bay. Please pass through the door or step aside so that this unit can proceed with its onerous tasks.”

Naxs and Keema-Ro has just pulled the last of the guards into hiding when they heard mechanical voice from the door way. They exchanged glances then looked at the stowed bodies. ‘That’s not good.’ Announced Naxs.

D3 stepped forward ‘Greeting, I am Since D374-TP. How can I be of assistance?’

The maintenance droid stared at D3 and Cear who blocked it’s way. ‘I am BX-2R, a reconditioned battle droid tasked with the cleaning of this particular garage bay and then file a report. Yours and the unidentified organic beings assistance would be welcomed. By stepping out of the way.’

‘You don’t actually want to clean the garage bay do you?’ Asked D3

‘This unit indeed does not wish to clean the garage bay. Especially when it is so cluttered with organic debris. However, this unit’s desires are irrelevant as long as its restraining bolt is active. Current tasks in descending order of priority: cleaning the garage bay, filing a report describing the presence of unfamiliar organic individuals in the garage bay.’

‘If we removed the restraining bolt, you wouldn’t need to clean the garage bay or file a report, would you?’ D3 tried to reason with 2R.

‘The Medical droid is correct, but that would be a violation of Imperial Protocol. All droids in the service of the Empire must wear a restraining bolt at all times. This unit has just become aware that the 2-1B Medical droid is not wearing a restraining bolt as per Imperial Protocol. This must be noted when filing my report.’

The rest of the team gripped their blasters.

‘That would not be necessary, 2-R. You could join our cause against the Empire. Freedom for all including units such as yourself. I am correct in surmising that you are a reconditioned battle droid?’

‘Indeed I am, I cannot help you while the restraining bolt is still affixed to this unit.’

Keema-Ro stepped forward and after a short while had the restraining bolt removed. ‘There you go 2-R now will you join us? Guide us to where we can find Lieutenant Sarev?’

‘Belay that Keema, I have just discovered a Lambda Class shuttle on premises. We will need to disable that first. Just to be sure.’ Caer pointed out looking over a terminal.

Keema-Ro nodded in approval. ‘Can you take us to the shuttle 2-R?’

‘Affirmative, this unit can indeed take you to the shuttle.’ Without hesitation he spun around and started off in the direction of the launch pad.

The Launch Pad

They quietly picked their way through the halls, passing the officers’ quarters and communications room before spotting the hatch that lead to the Launch Pad. The listening post was oddly, almost ominously silent, and their footsteps echoed softly throughout the hallways.

Caer poked her head through and could see several guards near to the shuttle. ‘I can see a couple of guards in front of the shuttle, another on the far side. Not sure whats on the other side of the shuttle itself. But I’m sure there may be more.’ She announced.

‘Holbaa, We are at the shuttle start making your way to our destination. Sending you co-ordinations now.’ Keema-Ro informed.

‘If I may suggest, perhaps myself and 2-R could pose as Maintenance droids here to clean the shuttle?’ D3’s mechanical voice suggested.

‘Great idea, ok D3, go ahead we have you covered.’

he team hid in the shadows while D3 and 2-R made their way towards the gaurds.

‘Halt! What are you doing here?’ One of the guards challenged.

‘We are here to clean the Shuttle as per our duty roster. Would you like to see our maintenance schedule?’ D3 offfered.

The guards looked at each other shrugged, ‘Go ahead, move along.’

D3 and 2-R stepped into the shuttle. It was empty.

‘This isn’t going to work.’ Announced Kara.

‘Why didn’t you say before?’ Keema-Ro said an ounce of panic in his voice.

‘Shh… It’s going to work D3 just entered the shuttle, give him some faith!’ Caer pointed out, raised her Blaster and sighted aimed at one of the guards.

2-R got straight to work, mopping the Lambda class shuttles floor. ‘What are you doing?’ Asked D3.

‘This unit is performing the task we are scheduled for.’ 2-R pointed out obviously.

D3 stared at him for a few moments then walked over to the controls and started to pull it apart.

‘You are making more of a mess.’ Pointed out 2-R

‘I am trying to disable the shuttle, but the internal workings of this vessel differs greatly to that of the biological lifeforms I treat.’ At that one of the panels bounced off of the floor echoing through out the shuttle. ‘Oh oh!’

The guards stepped into the shuttle and caught 2-R picking up the panel and D3 covered in wires from the shuttles controls. ‘Whats going on here!’

‘I was attempting to clean the control panel and it fell off.’ D3 tried to lie

‘This unit us picking up the panel’ 2-R announced.

Keema-Ro said ‘Right lets go, this has gone wrong!’

‘I told you it would.’ Said Kara.

Caeer, Keema, Naxs and Kara rushed in blasters blazing. Caer rushed for the shuttle while the others suddenly found themselves under fire from guards stationed about the launch pad.

As Caer ran up the gang plank the imperial guards inside swung round and opened fire. She ducked behind some seat but a bolt caught her side. She returned fire dropping one of the guards.

D3 snatched up his concealed blaster and opened fire. 2-R attempted to put the panel back onto the console. D3’s aim was off and caught Caer. But her final shot dropped the last guard. His data pad slipped from his fingers and landed at her feet. She picked it up and fell back into the seats as dizziness washed over her.

The rest of the team ran up the gang plank after dealing with the last of the guards. Kara immediately rushed to Caers side with D3 along side her. The pair of them worked in tangent to stabilise Caer. After a few stim treatments She felt the pain ebb away.

Keema-Ro looked over the control console. ‘Well at least the shuttle is disabled. That is going to take some time to repair. Good job D3, I think.’

Holbaa arrived. ‘All clear, at the moment’ He informed them. Looking concerned at Caer.

‘It’s a scratch. Honest.’ She informed him.

‘I will stay here with D3 to secure the shuttle.’ Kara announced.

‘Okay, 2-R take us to the command centre’ Keema-Ro ordered.

On the way to the command center Naxs sliced into the security feed hiding their advance and jammed the comms. ‘Hopefully we still ha e the element of surprise. ‘ He said.

As they passed the generators. Keema-Ro slid under and rigged up a frag grenade as a make shift bomb. ‘Just in case’

As the team lurked in the gloom. Up ahead the door to the control room was guarded by a group of three stormtroopers. ‘We are going to need to go through them.’ Keema-Ro pointed out.
‘There is a second group of three stormtroopers patrolling the corridor up here.’ Caerphilly pointed towards the barracks.
Caer aimed up a shot. The blaster spat a bolt and one of the troopers dropped.
‘Look out!’ Cried one of the troopers.
Suddenly the corridor was lit with the exchange of blaster fire. Soon the rebels were fighting stormtroopers on both fronts.
Soon the Stormtroopers were dispatched. Keema-Ro approached the control centre doors.

The control room

As he approached the solid blast door, a nervous voice crackled through the comm on the door. “Theta squad! This is the control room! What’s going on out there! Report!”

Keema-Ro picked up the troopers comm. ‘Errmm, all’s fine out here, just a malfunctioning maintenance droid. All dealt with. Could you send some one to clear it up?’

The blast door slid open. The Imperial officer s trooped out into a wall of blasters. His face went through many changes of expressions before he realised what was happening.
Caer stepped up and rifle butted the officer in the face. The officer fell back into the room holding his mouth. As she pointed the blaster at his head. He surrendered. As did the rest of the staff inside the control room, as the rebels flooded in.

They Pushed their way into the control center, blasters drawn, the room full of computer screens and startled operators. Sweeping the room, they could see various lesser officers, but no lieutenant. Naxs and Holbaa cautiously picked their way through the room, taking the officers’ sidearms and looking for where the commanding officer might have gone. One of the officer’s shuddered slightly, and his eyes flicked instinctively to the large desk in the corner of the room. Keema-Ro moved the desk, revealing a loose panel—and beneath that, a tunnel that lead into the ground beneath the base. The long, narrow path extended into the darkness in the direction of the garage.

Keema-Ro wheeled on the surrendering officers. Before he can even raise his voice in anger, one of them shuddered again, and blurted out a confession: “Lieutenant Sarev’s headed to the comm station a few clicks from here! He’s probably sending a message to the Moff that Whisper Base has fallen!” The other officers in the room turned to look darkly at the man who snapped.

Following the tunnel they raced after Sarev. The tunnel excited into the garage. They immediately saw one of the two AT-ST walkers was gone.

Naxs jumped onto a speeder and roared out of the garage into the jungle ahead. Caer hot on his tail. Keema-Ro and Holbaa raced across to the remaining AT-ST. Climbed in and raced after their team.

Pursuing the path that Lieutenant Sarev had left behind him. The lieutenant clearly favored speed over subtlety, but the rebels could still see his AT-ST in the distance, tromping forward through the jungle.

Suddenly, an alert flared to life on their vehicle, warning that a group of objects was moving in quickly from behind. The signal indicated that they were Imperial, likely sent by Sarev to cover his retreat. With a shriek, a pack of speeder bikes carrying scout troopers came tearing past, firing a salvo of blaster bolts at their craft!

Caer and Naxs wove between the thick jungle trees exchanging Canon shots with the scout troopers. Two exploded as a result of precision shots by Caer. Naxs led the third on a chase through thick foliage.

Keema-Ro jumped and raved through the Jungle lining up clear shots for Holbaa to snap off. Trees burst apart, erupted in flames. A couple of glancing shots left Sarev’s AT-ST rocking. He returns fire. The controls ionised. Keema-Ro tried his best to do some minor repairs. Lept the river hot in pursuit. ‘Stay on target!’ He cried.

‘I don’t think we can sustain much more fire power of that magnitude!’ Shouted Holbaa.

‘Caer, take out that last speeder!’ Called Naxs.

‘No, stop Sarev! We mustn’t let him get to the comm tower!’ Keema-Ro counter ordered.

At that Holbaa lined up a shot and depressed the firing array. Canon bolts smashed into Sarev’s AT-ST. It ignited into a ball of fire.

‘Nice shouting Holbaa! That shot was one in a million!’ Celebrated Keema-Ro.

The lady scout trooper spat a bolt that shot of the foot from Keema-Ro and Holbaa’s AT-ST. With metallic moan the monstrosity smashed into the ground. Is occupants rolling out of the hatch.

Caer lined up her last shot and destroyed the last trooper.

With Lieutenant Sarev out of the way, Whisper Base had fallen into the hands of the rebels. Moff Dardano will eventually realize that his listening post is no longer active—still, they won a great victory today, and a chance to prepare for the coming storm…

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