Hi all, heres some info about our Universal Roleplaying Game. GMD CORE RPG. 

I also wanted to tell you a little about it. 

The CORE RPG is for any genre. Its rules are exciting and fast paced. 

The game is an opposed game mechanic. Everything rolls against a target dice. This adds excitement to the game.

Players have control of influencing the chances of success with Specialisations, Perks, Abilities, Powers, Energy or Momentum. 

Rolling well is rewarded with gaining Momentum. This can be used to give yourself or other party members bonus dice, rerolls, temp healing etc. 

Characters choose a role they wish to fulfil within the party. Then once that role is chosen they can choose a path to follow at character creation. Warrior, Rogue or Arcane. 

There are six roles to choose from each with three paths. Future products will add additional paths but there will always be 6 roles.

Characters can be customised by spending character development points.

Once play starts characters are free to develop their character in which ever direction they choose. 

Characters are awarded character development points for completing adventure objectives set out by scenes, adventures etc… They are also awarded points for relevant roleplay. 

Combat is dynamic and tactical. The game is simple enough to keep it fast, but complex enough to add variety and excitement.  

Characters do not stay static for long  and can be maneuvered across the battlefield by way of dodging, and knock backs. 

Combat is gritty enough to allow for gritty style of games and quick enough for cinematic games. 

Powers system 
The GMD CORE Power system is fully customisable. With the powers available in the book you can recreate any spell, supe power or magic item you can think of! 

Each power has it’s own set of customizations as well as a list of universal power enhancements. 

The CORE RPG  has an exciting environmental rules plugin that can add further complications or bonus’s to the scene.

CORE RPG  explains how to set up scenes and use them within your game. Along with suggested objectives and complications. These include Drama, Action, Pursuit, Stealth and Warfare. 

The game also provides rules for vehicles and mounts .

Three game comes with an extensive range of equipment for all genres. 

Over 30+ universal beasts and encounters to use. 

The CORE RPG also comes complete with an ad entire and examines how to adapt for different genres  

There is also a conversion chart for some popular dice mechanics so you can use CORE RPG to run your favourite campaign settings and adventures. 

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