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With the Pegasus Engine Foundry VTT at a Hiatus while I compile what’s needed to include the Vehicle & Mounts Guide to it. I have created a rough mind map to show what is going on in my mind.

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The following Mind Map will show you all the projects I currently am itching to get started, have started, or am close to completing.

Here is a quick look at the scribble I did…

As you can see it is total Chaos!… But then again that is living with Bipolar.

However, I’m lucky to have a fantastic community and wife to keep me on track!

So what is the priority?

With the UK Expo in Birmingham looming rapidly towards us it is not leaving much room for much. Especially with 5 playtest games to design!


So our first and utmost important project that needs to be completed by 1st May is Onslaught.

Onslaught is our Card & Dice game based on the CORE Worlds and powered by the Pegasus Game Engine.

I have printed all prototype cards and we have been playtesting like crazy here and reprinting the changes etc… Members however have asked for a Tabletop Simulator version so will try to get that ready so everyone can start playtesting.

When you buy the deck it comes with 100 cards from which you build a 50 card deck and 5 starting Champions. Expansion packs will become available, but there will not be boosters of random cards. each expansion deck will provide you with all the cards you need. I did not want Onslaught to be a money-grabbing exercise (Poor business model on my end, as boosters, make money), it is just not what the GMD Online community is about.

The GMD VIP Members and Patreon Members and KO-Fi Members fund the projects between them. This I am grateful for and without their support, none of this would be possible.

Onslaught is almost complete, I have a mini-rules book that desperately needs sorting. But the plan is I want to start printing (Using my Print On Demand Company Digitally Printed Ideas) the first week of May an initial 50 deck run so I can take it to Expo/Post to members. But it is going to take almost all month to trim those cards on the digital trimmer.


While I am in the process of completing Onslaught I need to design and print all the products required for the Expo advertising our Print On Demand services for the games industry.

This alone is a lot of work, but I will have help to do this thankfully.


If I get time, I am hoping to get the Pegasus Engine & AAE Guide ready for Expo. This is not looking likely currently as life keeps throwing interruptions in the way. But I do plan to launch the Kickstarter at the end of May/June if time allows.

I have made great headway on the rules update and new rules to be included in the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG v2.0

Also, as promised, everyone who has purchased a digital copy or backed a Kickstarter or members that have unlocked the CORE RPG will automatically get upgraded to the Pegasus Engine.

I have also decided anyone who has purchased a printed copy of the book/ back a Kickstarter for a physical copy of the COR RPG will gain an at print cost discount code to upgrade to the latest version.

Again, this is another way for me to say thank you for supporting GMD Online products and believing in what I create. I know again, that this is not going to make me rich but the goal is to create the worlds and rules that I use to run my games for everyone to use. GMD is not a get-rich scheme. GMD is a portal for me to share my creations that have a professional look and provide high-quality products at as low of a price as possible.

While Also…

On top of the above, I still have to complete the weekly work for designing the 5 Playtest games, Adding content weekly to FREE Core, Designing the Bestiary entries, The Monthly Members Magazine: Oracle, WayFar page layout, Starfall CORE World development, and the 5 Comic turns on Fridays.

Remember I do all this alone, I do not have a team to create this content. But by focusing most of my time on a single project I am seeing a faster completion rate while still dipping my toes into other projects to keep my interest and sanity.

So, if there is something you desperately want then why not become a member and use the GMD VIP Members Personal Service!

GMD V.I.P. Members Personal Service

Since our Patreon Members https://www.patreon.com/gmdonline manage how many hours I spend each month creating the FREE access to the Pegasus Engine CORE RPG. And our GMD VIP Members https://www.gmdonline.co.uk/gmdmemberspage/ manage how much time is spent creating new products and what is created. I decided to give VIPs something more…

Each member will decide what I create for them each month.

Each member decides what THEY personally want to see being created. This can be anything:

  • Artwork such as collectible cards, posters, Encounter Cards, battle maps, maps, or just art.
  • Music
  • Adventures, Guide Books Campaign Settings
  • Miniatures etc…

How does it work?

Each tier of support gets allocated a slot of time each month. During that time I will go live on Discord/Twitch and work solely on a product for you as an individual. I will also announce what day and time I’m doing your work.

How much time do I get?

  • GMD Starter Member – You will get 15 minutes a month
  • GMD Basic Member – You will get 30 minutes a month
  • GMD Advanced Member – You will get 1 hour a month
  • GMD Elite Member – You will get 2 hours a month
  • GMD Ultimate Member – You will get 3 and a half hours a month
  • GMD Legendary Member – You will get 1 day a month You can change your personal focus at any time!

How to request:

I have created a form on the GMD VIP Members Club page. Make sure you are logged in and then fill out the form and submit it. I will then schedule the time into my schedule.

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