Welcome Scott & Ace!

I wish to welcome Scott & Ace to the GMD Online Patreon Investors Community.

Together they have unlocked three goals and brought the community $11 away from a FREE Miniature! … So close! Thank you both!

What to expect?

I will engage with you via posts to obtain your views on products etc. 

You have a say in almost everything that goes on!

 What are you entitled to?

Not only are you entitled to your Tier Rewards but also to a large number of offers and goals that have been unlocked. 

It does mean however you will need to scour the posts to see what you can sign up for. Simply follow the instructions, normally involves leaving a comment with what you desire. Rewards however are not instant, they do take time to fulfil.

GMD Online Discord Server

I strongly recommend signing up to the GMD Online Discord Server.
Linking your Discord account with Patreon will automatically unlock Patreon only channels available to you.

https://discord.gg/ Tnbm7b8  

GMD Online Website

Also, you will find available to Patreons only, Rules, Comics etc on our GMD Online website.

Warning: The rules are currently severely out of date, This will be updated once the Kickstarter for the GMD CORE RPG has been fulfilled.

CHECK GMD Online Website NOW! 

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