Want to be a GMD GM?


We are currently looking for GMs to run games at GMD… Earn Vouchers to spend at Fantasy Grounds / RPGNow or any store that accepts PayPal.

Our GMs are to run one shots or campaign games in accordance to GMD rules.

  • Any system may be used.
  • Our members are to be awarded achievements. GM must fill in the achievements sheet at end of each session.
  • Only members and P2P players can create characters and develop them. Guests must use Pre-gens.
  • Only Members can win awards from MVP.
  • GMs must provide a game write up to be posted on the website. This awards members with their characters hitting the limelight and their deeds displayed for all to read. Can be as short or long as you wish.
  • Members are allowed to use Loyalty Points to pimp and gain benefits during a game.
  • Must source new players and members to fill your game.

GM rewards for running games can be found HERE

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