VIP Services Live Schedule

Each month I schedule some live product development based on what Members have chosen from the current VIP Services form which can be found on the member’s Page.

I do this to help focus on producing new products that members are interested in.

So what is there to look forward to?

May’s Itinerary is as follows:

May 10th @12:00 BST UK Time

I will be working on the StarGuard CORE World for 1 hour as requested by VIP Member Waracolyte. I will be discussing the campaign setting with members and adding topical content, if there are any in the channel with me else I will be plowing ahead adding content as I see fit.

This CORE World I plan to include new rules, races, perks, specialisations and a campaign set of adventures to get your StarGuard team up and running or to inspire your own StarGuard stories.

May 12th @12:00 BST UK Time

For 1 hour I will be live on Discord (Maybe Twitch, undecided yet) creating content and rules for our latest version of the CORE RPG. Containing 7 Books/Chapters there is a lot of content to go in! Join me live on Discord at the request of VIP Member Byron, and discuss everything CORE.

May 16th @11:00 BST UK Time

Join me for a 3 1/2 hour live session as I create some Artwork for the Starfall CORE World at the request of VIP Member Silvereagle. I will be immortalizing a memorable moment from Silvereagles Character Draglen as he flying kicks a Saurian into a wall! Which I will be using in the CORE World Guide Book.

May 18th @15:00 BST UK Time

Requested by VIP Member Woadan. Join me for 2 hours as I continue on with some Saurian artwork for the Starfall CORE World. Once done, these will be then made into pre-gen characters, tokens, and encounter cards. There are six members of the Saurian & La-Zar crew! Watch them come to life.

May 19th @11:00 BST UK Time

For 3 1/2 hours I will be adding content to the Starfall CORE World at the request of VIP Silvereagle. This has been added again this month as I had to cancel last month’s viewing. I will be live on discord creating content for the Campaign Setting and will be available to discuss all things Starfall. I will start by finishing off the sector ring codes and then add a detailed map showing the territories of each race within the Polarian Alliance.

May 20th @15:00 BST UK Time

At the request of VIP Member Sophie I will be working on the StarGuard Comic artwork for 1 hour. You are invited to join me on discord where I will be creating the content live while discussing StarGuard comic content with members.

Want to see some content created for your most anticipated Guide Book, Adventure, or even CORE World? Are you a member already? Then log into the GMD website and fill in the VIP Services form. Not a Member? why not sign up and put your request in?

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