Each member will decide what I create for them each month.

Each member decides what THEY personally want to see being created. This can be anything:

  • Artwork such as collectible cards, posters, Encounter Cards, battle maps, maps, or just art.
  • Music
  • Adventures, Guide Books Campaign Settings
  • Miniatures etc…

How does it work?

Each tier of support gets allocated a slot of time each month. During that time I will go live on Discord/Twitch and work solely on a product for you as an individual. I will also announce what day and time I’m doing your work.

How much time do I get?

  • GMD Starter Member – You will get 15 minutes a month
  • GMD Basic Member – You will get 30 minutes a month
  • GMD Advanced Member – You will get 1 hour a month
  • GMD Elite Member – You will get 2 hours a month
  • GMD Ultimate Member – You will get 3 and a half hours a month
  • GMD Legendary Member – You will get 1 day a month You can change your personal focus at any time!

How to request:

When you have decided on what product you would like to see created for you. Go to the gmd-members-general channel and post what you would like to see starting it with ‘VIP Request’ Alternatively if you would prefer your request to be private send me a private message.

Members can use the form below: (Form will only appear to logged-in members)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

You may change your request at any time!

Not a member? why not sign up and take advantage of the personal service!

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