Vehicle Combat Rules

 Hi Patreons, 

I have spent this afternoon writing these quick Vehicle Rules as well as a more advanced set of rules that will be featured in the Vehicle / Mount Companion. 

Please read over these and let me know if there is any quetions regarding these rule syou may have. 

Vehicle / Mounted Combat

Making an attack from a Vehicle

All attacks from a moving vehicle / mount suffers a Hindrance of 3 Levels (D8). This includes firing a vehicle’s guns.

Otherwise all attacks follow the standard Combat rules. 

Evasion: Defensive Roll of a Vehicle

The Defence of a Vehicle is it’s Pilot / Rider / Drivers Specialisation Roll. [AGI]

Vehicle Weapon Damage

Vehicular Weapons pack a more deadly punch than standard sidearms. 

To represent this a vehicle weapon is given a multiplier to multiply it’s highest dice roll by.

x2 – Lightl Weapons

x3 – Medium Weapons

x4 – Large Weapons

x5 – Gargantuan Weapons

Once the damage result has been multiplied, it is then compared to the Vehicles DMG RES roll. The DoS is the damage taken.

Vehicle DMG RES

Vehicle Armour is somewhat more hardy than that of character armour. Vehicle armour provides a vehicle with a multiplier to multiply it’s DMG RES result by.

x2 – Light Armour

x3 – Medium Armour 

x4 – Heavy Armour

x5 – Gargantuan Armour

When a Vehicle takes damage of DoS 10 or more it may go out of control see Page XXX.

Vehicle Combat Scenes

The Combat scene involving vehicles works differently to standard Action Scenes. 

Roll Initiative 

All Characters in control of a vehicle / mount make Pilot / Rider / Drivers etc.. Specialisation rolls. They add the Vehicle’s Top Speed.

Vehicles do not get to reduce their initiative by 10. They perform only once in the initiative round. All occupants of that vehicle can take turns performing Soft and Hard actions as normal. 

Vehicles Movement: Out Maneuvering

But when the controller of the vehicle / mount makes a Soft Action Move The vehicle attempts to outmaneuver their target.

All vehicles / mounts are considered to be moving. Instead of keeping track of individual speeds etc. They are jostling to outmaneuver each other. If it is a Pursuit, then it is advised to use the Pursuit rules on Page XXX

Announce which target you are attempting to out maneuver. 

Then roll a contest of Piloting / Driving / Sailing or Riding etc..  Specialisations.

The winning vehicle / mounts occupants gain the DoS as a Bonus Dice to all actions against the target for one initiative round.. A Draw is considered a DoS of 0. 

Out of Control

A vehicle may go out of control whenever it takes damage. 

Compare the DMG received to the following Chart

Insert a Out of Control Chart here!


When a vehicle attempts to ram another, both characters in control of the vehicles / mounts make a contest of Pilot / Rider / Drivers. 

If the attacker wins they gain DoS to DMG roll. Both Vehicles take the damage roll and must make a DMG RES check. 

So Dos 10-19 is a x2 Modifier, a DoS of 20-29 is a x3 Modifier etc.

Rolling Ramming DMG

Ramming  Damage is rolled based on the size category of the vehicle. 

Small Vehicles D12 x2 

Medium Vehicles D12 x3

Large Vehicles D12 x4

Gargantuan Vehicles D12 x5

DMG RES is rolled as normal 

Attacking Occupants

Attacking occupants of a vehicle / mount will use the cover rules. See Page XX

Destroyed Vehicles

Any Vehicles that are destroyed as a result of being reduced to 0 Health damage all occupants too. All Occupants must also make DMG RES checks against the damage that destroyed the vehicle. 

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