Three Goals Unlocked!

Good news for Patreons! 

Thanks to Ace1055, we have had 3 FREE Goal Products unlocked!

I will be starting work on:

GOAL: FREE Adventure
I will create an adventure that will be FREE to all GMD Online Patreon Investors  (regardless of Tier) 

  • A Full-Colour Adventure for CORE RPG
  • Complete with Figure Flats for Table Top Use
  • Colour Maps
  • Tokens for Online Use or Table Top Use.
  • Fully Illustrated. 

 GOAL: Wrist Bands

  • I will supply to all GMD Online Investors (regardless of Tier) a FREE GMD Online Wrist band to show their support to our dream. 

 GOAL: FREE Portrait!

  • I will provide a FREE Collectable Card to all GMD Online Patreon Investors  (regardless of Tier) 
  • The Portrait will be printed as a Collectable Card and added to the Range,
  • The Portrait will be decided by Patreon Investors by way of Polls. 

GMD Online is Super Excited!

Because I am super excited I will extend this offer to anyone who becomes a Patreon Member by the 5th April 2020!

Not only that we are only a short way off unlocking the 4th Tier! Will you all be getting a FREE Miniature as well?

Hey! We'd love to hear what you think...

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