The Oracle – December 2021

It is finally here!

6 months later and we have the next issue of the Oracle. Well… It may not have the Monthly Encounter etc, but it is rammed pack with what I have been up to last month and news of what to expect to come this month.

Starting next year with January’s edition I will include the Monthly Encounter and Members Stories, ads etc.

Why has it taken so long to return?

The Oracle used to take 2-3 weeks of hard work putting it together that only left 1 week to create new content. Then everything happened at once!

  • Foundry VTT broke and all my campaign games needed to be re-made so that we could play the games.
  • V&M Guide was ready to be fulfilled and sent out to Kickstarter Backers.
  • Birmingham Games Expo needed planning and products created and set up
  • I moved house!
  • The website crashed
  • The all-new membership package went live just as the website crashed.

It was chaos! That said, here we are at the end of the year and ready for a major change in GMD Online.

There is still a lot of work to be done to be heading in the right direction but it is beginning to look like I am on top of things once more!

I did keep Members informed with Daily Post articles, but it was voted for to have the Oracle returned! So, a couple of weeks later… Here it is!

So why not download the latest edition of the Oracle Now

Oracle December 2021


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