The Daily Post: CORE World Thursday – 9th September 2021

Hi GMD Online Fans/Members!

As most of you know each Thursday is dedicated to updating/creating content for our GMD CORE RPG: CORE Worlds range.

The Worlds I work on are voted on by the members or are requested to be updated by way of using forms available on the XP Chart.

XP Chart can be found here:

GMD VIP Members Club

Feel free to use the forms on the XP chart to request updates for your favourite Campaign Settings! (CORE Worlds)

Pendragon Update!

I have just managed to squeeze in the first part of the Pendragon Pack you voted for. So here is some of the artwork of Sgt. Serena Shield: (Members will need to be logged in to view this preview!)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

Product a Month Progress!

It has been a bit of a slog today as I have been working on some artwork for the races to be shown in this book!

Today I have fleshed out the following Races:

  • Primordial – Aerons
  • Primordial – Gaeans

Here is the raw text I have added, please feel free to look over it and report any issues or queries. (You will need to be logged in as a member to view this content)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward


I have been rendering like crazy and the cover is slowly coming together.

But I have managed to add a little more setting details to the book today, considering that my priority each day is currently the Product A Month AAE Guide.

Here is a look at the setting detail sI have written: (Members will need to be logged in to view this raw text)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

Blood Bowl News

The Champions Cup has started!!

Check out the line-up for the first round!

Please use the champions-cup-ko channel on Discord to organise your matches.

You will find pinned to the Channel all the coaches tags and their teams.

Rules: Simple, Winning team goes through to the next round. The winner of the final round wins the Trophy which is posted free of charge to your house!

Although there is an end date for the round it is advised to play ASAP so we can immediately launch the next round, no need to wait for other Tournaments to complete, just this one. As soon as the last match is played I will turn the round for the next phase!

What happens if the round end date is reached and a match isn’t played?

Then the team that has not bothered to communicate concedes. If both teams cannot arrange a match before the date, they will be given a chance to arrange it for the weekend immediately after. If they cannot arrange to play for the weekend (Which must be arranged prior to the end date/time.) Then the team who can make Friday at 8 pm UK Time auto wins.

If your opponent is an AI… YOU MUST PLAY IT! Just let me know in the discord channel once the match is done and I will validate for you.

The Wooden Spoon will start shortly still waiting for 1 more team to sign up!

Thank You!

I want to start by saying Thankyou to the GMD Members Club who without I would not be able to create all these amazing products or be able to give them away for free! There is nothing more I enjoy than creating content for you all… If I am not creating something that you want to see, then make use of the forms on the XP Chart and request it, and it shall be done!

A Massive Thank you to…

Eusi Toa

T Gowdy, Silvereagle

A.Byron, R.Nunn, Woadan

Dragongirl, K. Busby, Rich, Sophie, Waracolyte
R.Finch, S.Setzer, MFogg, NoQuarter, W.King

A Harrison, Carl, C. Bullivant, JForJackson, Karonlina, Laura, Sarah, T. Freelander, Voshi

Adam, A. Needham, David, D. McDonald, Goffick, Hrefn,P. Herridge, Spike, Nomad

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