The Daily Post: CORE World Thursday – 26th August 2021

Hi GMD Online Fans/Members!

As most of you know each Thursday is dedicated to updating/creating content for our GMD CORE RPG: CORE Worlds range.

The Worlds I work on are voted on by the members or are requested to be updated by way of using forms available on the XP Chart.

XP Chart can be found here:

GMD VIP Members Club

Feel free to use the forms on the XP chart to request updates for your favourite Campaign Settings! (CORE Worlds)


I’m looking through this book over the new rules and have added a section about taking damage in a digital world. Which is more a visual statement rather than rules.

I have also included some Advanced rules about being in the Barrens. I have also added a new Specialisation and Perk to the PDF. I have updated the PDF, the Mainframe PDF can be downloaded from the XP Chart for 108 XP, it is nothing more than text as it is still a Work in Progress Document. But feel free to download for your collection and to look over.

To access this Page you will need to be logged in as a Member and have had earned 108 XP.

Click Image to go to the FREE rewards page!

Please use the core-world-mainframe channel on Discord to discuss the content of Mainframe.

My main focus for Mainframes hour today has been to look into What is Mainframe, what sort of world is it, what goes on and get an overall feeling of the mentality of Programs. (Only members who are logged in can see the following information)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

MVP: Starfall – Wildcards Episode 9

Here is the latest version of the Starfall playtest campaign: Wildcards.

This is not the new F0undry VTT /Sandbox edition that starts hopefully next week!

Check it out here:

MVP: Wild Cards Episode 9

Starfall: CORE World

Time seems to disappear quickly today with so much on the plate and only an hour to dedicate to each CORE WOrld.

Of course, you can change that by using entires on the XP Chart to request information on your Favourite CORE Worlds.

Today I have managed to squeeze about 15 minutes of work in on the Starfall CORE World due to other tasks infringing on its time.

So I have updated the CORE World PDF which you can download for FREE from the XP Chart at 30 XP.

I have added some information about the United Colonies, a territory that is starring in our current playtest. Here is what I have written so far: (You need to be logged in as a member to view the following content)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward


I have started putting together the characters for the new cover. The characters I have created so far are:

  • Blaze
  • Blizzard
  • Laser Lady

I just need to render them so I can show how they look!

  • Mac Makenzie
  • Umwabu
  • Sirona
  • Tien
  • Idira
  • Phantom Fist
  • Kratos

I have also started to put some rules together for the Flashbacks, which are not complete yet so not really worth showing you what I have done. Hopefully next week I will have completed the Flashback Rules and rendered a couple of the characters and completed the remainder.


I have decided to give Cutlass a makeover What do you think of the new cover?

Hopefully next week I can get some serious content into Cutlass. That said I am working on a couple of Cutlass adventures that will help create content.

I have also added a new poll in the gmd-members-polls channel on Discord, regarding if you like the elevator pitch for Cutlass.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

An Elevator Pitch is a 15-second description of what Cutlass is. Does it capture the imagination, tell you what the setting is about and does it get you wanting to play it?

Here is the Pitch: (Only members logged in will be able to see the following content)

You need to earn 1 XP to access this reward

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