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Hi GMD Online Fans/Members!

As most of you know each Friday is dedicated to updating/creating content for our GMD COMIC range.

The Comics I work on are voted on by the members or are updated weekly via the dedicated Discord Channels which can be found here:

What are the GMD RPG Comics?

GMD RPG Comics are a range of comics that are created by players taking on the roles of characters that star in the comics. The players (Actors) decide the actions and dialogue of their character by interacting and reacting to the text-based progression of the game in the dedicated Discord channel.

The Comics uses the GMD COMIC CORE rules. which are a LITE version of the CORE RPG rules.

These actions are then depicted within the pages of a comic book!

Available Spaces!

We are currently seeking Actors for the following Characters:


Kelio is a female Skarn warrior. The Skarn are a savage barbaric race living within the mountains of Ska to the North of the Civilised lands of Elarsa. Exodus is an epic fantasy story set in the GMD CORE World of LoR.

Kleio lost her family young, she was captured & sold into slavery as a girl. Her father died trying to fight off the slavers & her mother passed from her injuries and a broken heart during the journey to the slave markets leaving Kleio an orphan. Luckily she was sold to an honourable man who put to work protecting his daughter. She was trained by the family’s arms-men to fight with almost any weapon, he would say that you never knew what situation you might find yourself in and so one must learn to turn anything to your advantage. Kleio did well & spent a decade caring for the young woman, becoming very close to her mistress. Sadly the young miss contracted a terrible wasting disease & even though her father brought in the best, most experienced healers from every corner of the world, nothing could be done. It was her mistress’s dying wish that Kleio is free to find her own destiny, and so Kleio set forth to visit all the lands that she & her mistress used to talk about.

Characters Fear: Being utterly alone in this world

Join the party in this epic journey and discover the richness of the world of LoR.

How do I apply to play Kleio?

To become the Actor who plays Kelio in the story of Exodus, simply show your interest by clicking the emoji on her advert in the Discord channel: comic-core here:


Neon is a mutant Polarian, born with a pink pigmentation to his skin rather than the standard Polarian blue. Shunned by his kind, he soon developed his mutations during his coming of age and developed Mind Control, Mind Reading and Telepathy.

Joining the StarGuard Neon now serves as a Diplomatic Liason Agent for the StarGuard Galactic Police Corps.

How do I apply to play Kleio?

To become the Actor who plays Neon in the story of StarGuard, simply show your interest by clicking the emoji on his advert in the Discord channel: comic-core here:

Check out our first published GMD Comic! STarGuard the Vanishing Issue #1 is now available in our store here:

Or, get them for FREE from the MEmbers XP Chart!

XP Chart can be found here:

GMD VIP Members Club


Today I have made started a set of GMD Comic CORE Rules. The purpose of these rules will be to give Members a little insight on how to play the Discord version of CORE and it will also provide an excellent LITE version of the CORE Rules, a gateway into CORE RPG. The rules will be perfect for a younger audience too really simple to use! I will be expanding on this as a set-off CORE Kids rules in the near future!

Here is what I have done so far: (Only Members who are logged in can see the following and the following will not appear on e-mails either)

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only


I just had an idea to continue with the Virtual World that I was building…

What if I told you that I can quite easily make a Virtual world, where you could wander around and interact with each other. Now imagine that this world contained elements and locations from the GMD CORE Worlds. Or even you could visit the worlds via portals? Kind of like what I have Planned with Nexus Online.. hmm .. that’s what I could call it, to be honest…

To start with it would be just a virtual meeting place, where you could even be the character that is in the printed books!

But I suppose it would not be that difficult to add in a full combat /questing /effects system in the future…

Here is some example of my Virtual worlds I have created in the past and what I started to create about 3 years ago.

As always these images are for Members only and you will need to be logged in to view them, also they will not appear on e-mails.

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

Comic Actions!

It’s another week for the current comics games… I have added the rounds actions into the necessary comic channels.

Now that the Vehicles & Mounts Guide is complete and Expo is out of the way I will be able to commit some time to catch up on the comic art!

We are getting close to the end of this issue and I will start on the art asap!

The following COMIC CORE games have been updated:

  • StarGuard Issue #2 – The Devouring
  • LoR Graphic Novel: Exodus
  • Starfall Horror Graphic Novel: Salvage
  • Starfall Graphic Novel: The Angelica Star

COMIC CORE Character Sheets

Today I was live on Twitch setting up the COMIC CORE Character Sheets. This gave insight into how COMIC CORE Rules work, which are a LITE version of CORE RPG.

Here is a preview of the Thunda I have sorted today.. more to follow!

Only Members will be able to view the following:

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

The Character Sheets will be available online for members to view. Once I have set up the page to contain them.

All comics will have a similar Character Sheet and I will add the sheets to the XP CHart form you to download as PDF’s. Also, the printed version will be available in the store or free on the XP Chart.

CORE RPG Warfare Scenes

GMD Member dekrass has requested a tutorial video for WARFARE SCENES! I am planning to create the tutorial video after I have moved on Friday 27th August. I also have a Warfare scene coming up in one of my CORE games, which I plan to go live with so hopefully it will also be a good source of information for learning the rules too.

Watch this space I will post a link in an up and coming copy of The Daily Post!

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