The Daily Post: COMIC Fridays – 24th September 2021

Hi GMD Online Fans/Members!

As most of you know each Monday is dedicated to updating/creating content for our GMD CORE Book range.

The CORE Guides I work on are voted on by the members or are updated weekly via the dedicated Discord Channels which can be found here:

You can grab copies of the works in progress for FREE from the XP Chart! It is my way of saying thank you for believing in GMD Online. None of these could have been created without your support.

Patreon Members: If you want access to your CORE Books, please switch over to the GMD Membership packages, your XP form Patreon will be transferred and your first month sign up will be double XP at the new level of support to say thank you.

XP Chart can be found here:

Actor Wanted!

We have made a start on the Exodus comic…

There is a rare opportunity for a lucky player to take control of Kleio a young Skarn, female savage warrior. She is on a journey of self-discovery and needs an actor to take control of her in this exciting Graphic Novel!

GMD Comics are driven by player choices. As an actor you control Kelio’s:

  • Dialogue: you decide what she says
  • Personality: How she reacts is up to you!
  • Actions: You decide what she does turn after turn

No experience is needed, I will tell you everything you need to know!

New turns are posted on a dedicated Discord channel every Comic Friday…

It takes a few minutes to post your response to the scene narrative.

Post whenever it suits you as long as it is before the next turn!

To be considered for the part, please fill this form in:

Adversairies, Allies & Encounters Guide

No further development today has been made on this product. Hopefully, Monday will see better productivity…

Comic Actions

Each Friday is Comic Friday so as always there are some new rounds worth of actions to do!

Starguard – The Devouring, Issue #2 of the StarGuard Saga…

The Heroes are split across three stories…

Those who have apprehended the thief and have decided to head to Melkon to find out who/what was responsible for the massacre at Elkon a Xarian Colony.

Then there are those who are on the Enforcer about to answer a distress signal from Illyrians Delegates…

Then we have Captain Magnetism and Agent Prophet on a high-security mission.

Power Grid

I have started to create the StarGuard Power Grids. Here is the template and Thundas Power Grid: (GMD Members you will need to be logged in to view this Power Grid)

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

First 2 panels of the comic book!

Here is a quick preview of the first two panels of the StarGuard Issue #2 comic! (Members you will need to be logged in to view this art)

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only


This graphic novel is set in LoR and the group have joined a stranger they saved from the Skarn called Exodus. He has led the party to rescue his people from captivity before they are taken deeper into the caves of the Skarn.

The Anelica Star

This Sci-Fi graphic novel is set in the Starfall CORE World and has been an exciting ride so far! The crew have crash-landed on a planet chased by pirates, entering dark Ruins they soon discover ancient symbols in what looks to be some sort of ancient temple.


Salvage is a horror survival graphic novel set in the Starfall CORE World.

Already half the crew are dead and the remainder is escaping an exploding ship hoping to find refuge in the carcass of a derelict ship in a starship graveyard… The store hasn’t even begun yet!

If you would like to take part in these Comics, why not become a member and take control of a character and decide their actions and dialogue! Give GMD Online a shout on the Discord server and get started.

Also, Comic art starts next week (fingers crossed) I was hoping to start today but yesterday while I was organising Pendragon art, I discovered that I needed to reinstall some packages on the new computer, so have started the mammoth task today, which should take all weekend.

Ladies Night!

Tonight is the Once A Month Ladies Night Super Heroines! (Ignore the Saturdays mentioned in the graphic it has now moved to Friday nights)

The girls are needing another couple of players if any female players are interested in joining in?

Wait.. not fair?! I want to play GAU!

Then you should have signed up for the GAU Mondays game! But, wait… you have not missed out… I will be running more GAU Sper Heroes soon! Watch this space for more one-shot adventures!

I have been hard at work today doing artwork and stats for GAU NPCs… You will get to see these in the next GAU Monthly Pack once Members vote for it!

Blood Bowl News

Turn Over Day!

Tonight sees the tournaments turn over, cannot believe there are a couple of outstanding matches! oh Well, the final 8 will be revealed in the Mondays Edition of the Daily Post!

Thank You!

I want to start by saying Thankyou to the GMD Members Club who without I would not be able to create all these amazing products or be able to give them away for free! There is nothing more I enjoy than creating content for you all… If I am not creating something that you want to see, then make use of the forms on the XP Chart and request it, and it shall be done!

A Massive Thank you to…

Eusi Toa

T Gowdy, Silvereagle

A.Byron, R.Nunn, Woadan

Dragongirl, K. Busby, Rich, Sophie, Waracolyte
R.Finch, S.Setzer, MFogg, NoQuarter, W.King

A Harrison, Carl, C. Bullivant, JForJackson, Karonlina, Laura, Sarah, T. Freelander, Voshi

Adam, A. Needham, David, D. McDonald, Goffick, Hrefn,P. Herridge, Spike, Nomad

Join the family!

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