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Hi GMD Online Fans/Members!

It’s Tuesday and on Tuesday, as you may be aware, I add content to the adventure products that I am in the middle of creating.

So in this edition of The Daily Post, I will be sharing with you what is being created and what is in the pipeline for the future too. Hopefully the information I include here will help you make informed decisions when it comes to voting in the gmd-members-polls channel on Discord.

The CORE Adventures I work on are voted on by the members or are updated weekly via the dedicated Discord Channels which can be found here:

You can grab copies of the works in progress for FREE from the XP Chart! It is my way of saying thank you for believing in GMD Online. None of these could have been created without your support.

Patreon Members: If you want access to your CORE Adventures, please switch over to the GMD Membership packages, your XP form Patreon will be transferred and your first month sign up will be double XP at the new level of support to say thank you.

XP Chart can be found here:

Fall of Ridgewatch

The Fall of Ridgewatch is a new kind of adventure I am designing for LoR. I plan to run a demo of this adventure Mid-December/Early January. It will be a 2-3 Session adventure. It is an aquatic Adventure within the realms of Thassalos deep under the seas of LoR.

Ridgewatch will provide details of a new area of LoR as well as unique races to the adventure as players take on roles of the Coral Guard who serve the royal army of Atlantia.

Here is a preview of the Opening Scene Narrative:

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

Like the idea of this adventure? Look out for the sign-up advert in the rpg-game-ads channel on Discord.

All New Perk Ideas!

While I was off galivanting having a morning off today, I have come up with two new Perks I will be adding to the Ever-Expanding Perks Guide when in the next few weeks on Guide Book Mondays.

  • Perk: Death Proof – Reduced Damage when in negative health
  • Perk: Fight With My Mind – Gain dice to your Dice pool when making your next attack.

Full rules in a few weeks time!

Foundry VTT/Sandbox

I have been using Foundry VTT for playtesting the CORE RPG as it is easier for my playtesters to access and with the no software to download element and customisable interface makes it is the ideal software for GMD Online to utilise as their goto VTT.

I have been using a plugin for Foundry VTT called Sandbox which allows you to code any system within it.

I have spent over a month developing an interface for the CORE RPG Character sheet.

Thanks to my G.A.U and Starfall: Wildcard groups we have managed to locate some issues with the system and today I have caught up with bug fixes.

  • Specialisations should now all have the correct statistic showing on the character sheet when dragged and dropped from the Items Directory.
  • Perks now should have th eRDY status when dragged and droppe donto your character sheet from the Items Directory.

Still to do:

  • Automatically roll opponents Hindrance when targetted from any roll on the Character sheet or at least have an entry for the Opponents Hindrance Dice that has it’s own category, currently uses Other Dice Category, not ideal but a work around.
  • Add Inititive Specialisation to the MR Dice roll.
  • Calculate the weight of total gear carried and apply Hindrance for excess carried items.
  • Add Power attacks and Damag to be automated against target so Hindrace is taken into account.
  • Create automated attk & DMG for NPC’s
  • CDP to include Other categories such as Specialisations, Perks, Perk Levels, Stats etc… and total up the qty CDP spent and automatically work out your CV for you! — Then we have automated character gen 😀
  • Then a ton of advanced features which I will og over in a later week.

Strike Force M.O.R.D.R.E.D

By Martin Harper

Strike Force M.O.R.D.R.E.D is an introductory adventure to Pendragon. Pendragon is a new Super Hero Campaign Guide for CORE RPG. 

Check out this overview of the Adventure: (Only Members who are logged in can see this content)

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

If you would like to have a character created and added to this Campaign Guide as a Member please let me know in the gmd-members-general channel on Discord.

Migration Of The Flotilla

Migration Of The Flotilla is a Starfall Campaign Adventure Guide. The players take on the role of members of a Polarian patrol ship along the borders of the Polarian Alliance. I have started to add the structure to this product and plan to start to playtesting in early 2022. Here is a look at the Adventure Introduction and Overview and the Structure of the Region Guide in raw text format: (Members need to be logged in to view this content)

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

GMD Trick or Treat: Halloween Special!

I have started to organise an adventure for Sunday 31st October to start about 6ish, for our 4 hours long Halloween special…

I will be organising a sign-up event during September/October nearer the time to invite you to join me to celebrate Halloween!

But what sort of adventure will it be? This you will have to have to find out on the day .. If you dare!

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

The Fate of Miss Collins

Ok, I have just completed the details for the last scene for this exciting Cutlass Adventure. The idea is to introduce players to the world of LoR during the age of sails and black powder! So, prepare for a swashbuckling adventure and to sail across the Straights of Xerba to the Broken Isles for treasure and the promise of a lady! Drink Up, Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

I am hoping to find a space to launch this Introductory adventure either on a Wednesday in October Once Necessary Evil is over, or on a Monday in November!

What is this adventure about?

Here is a quick introduction to the adventure: (Members will need to be logged in to view this content)

You need to earn 1 XP to view this content, which is for Members only

So that wraps it up for today… Look out for the above adventure playtests being advertised for sign-ups in the rpg-game-ads channel on Discord.

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