The Following Power Grids have been made in line with the Marvel Fandom Database. See below for the levels of power each stat represents.

Under the Power Grid Reference, you will find the PDF Flick-book for the StarGuard.


Taken directly from the marvel power grid, from the fandom site here is what it stands for:


The ability to think and process information.

  1. Slow or Impaired
  2. Normal
  3. Learned
  4. Gifted
  5. Genius
  6. Super-Genius
  7. Omniscient


The ability to lift (press) weight over one’s head.

  1. Weak: Cannot lift own body weight.
  2. Normal: Able to lift between over own body weight and twice own body weight.
  3. Peak Human: Able to lift over twice own body weight or up to 800 lbs.
  4. Superhuman: Able to lift between 800 lbs. and 25 tons.
  5. Superhuman: Able to lift between 25-75 tons.
  6. Superhuman: Able to lift between 75-100 tons.
  7. Incalculable: In excess of 100 tons.


The ability to move overland by running or flight.

  1. Below Normal
  2. Normal
  3. Superhuman: Able to move at a peak velocity up to 700 mph.
  4. Speed of Sound: Able to move at a peak velocity between Mach-1 to Mach-2 (approximately 1,520 mph).
  5. Supersonic: Able to move at a peak velocity between Mach-2 to orbital velocity (approximately 17,000 mph).
  6. Speed of Light: Able to move at a peak velocity up to 186,000 miles per second.
  7. Warp Speed: Able to transcend light speed or teleport (instantaneous travel).


The ability to resist or recover from bodily injury.

  1. Weak
  2. Normal
  3. Enhanced
  4. Regenerative
  5. Bulletproof
  6. Superhuman
  7. Virtually Indestructible

Energy Projection

The ability to discharge energy.

  1. None
  2. Energy discharge on contact
  3. Single Energy Type: Short range and duration
  4. Single Energy Type: Medium range and duration
  5. Single Energy Type: Long range and duration
  6. Multiple Energy Types
  7. Virtually unlimited command of all types of energy

Fighting Skills

The proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.

  1. Poor
  2. Normal
  3. Some Training
  4. Experienced Fighter
  5. Master of a single form of combat
  6. Master of several forms of combat
  7. Master of all forms of combat
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