The first Issue of the Starguard Role-Playing Comic. Where you are the heroes! Each Page will Filter through the Patreon Tiers at a rate of 1 page per Tier a week. If you want to have access to all currently available pages then sign up to the appropriate level of Patreon Support.

This Project has been made possible by the GMD Online Patrons. A big thank you to you all!

So, Issue 1 – See the Starguard heading to meet an old adversary who are talking about peace. But their history is deep and some members of the Starguard still hold a deep resentment! Will this be the start of a new war? Can the Starguard stay focused and keep to their core ethics and protocols? Only you can decide in this interactive comic…

Bad, news, I have stupidly not backed this comic up and the files are corrupted… Not to panic, i have started a new Starguard Issue called the Vanishing and the players are currently on Round 1 and I will soon have an exciting new comic story for you to read! .. Apologies on this, So I have opened all pages for all to read.

If you enjoyed the comic, why not let me know what you thought in the comments below or pop onto Discord and say hi…

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Page 10

There will be no more pages, my files were corrupted and I did not back them up!! Schoolboy Error! All new Comic on it’s way

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