Starfall CORE World Updated

Starfall – Building of a CORE World

As part of the VIP service, GMD Member Byron requested I organise some Starfall development. So I obliged…
After an hours work hanging out with members and bouncing inspirational ideas back and fourth I managed to add the Polarian race to the main book!
I was totally surprised I had not already detailed the main race of the CORE World. However, they are now ready for editing.
I discussed what needed to be done to the front cover to bring it in line with the new branding of the Pegasus Engine and will be working on that in a session or few depending where the discussion goes during the time laid aside for this project.
The fun did not stop there with the help from GMD Members Byron and Waracolyte I managed to organise the sector codes and how they are created. Check it out here:
Sector Codes
Sector Codes are six digit codes that shows a sectors grid reference in the known territories. The Sector Code is represented in the following way:
XX = Territorial Governing Body
HR = The Hex Ring position from the centre of the map.

‘##’ = The numeric position in the hex ring.

I then went on to design the Territory Key too! All of which is available in the latest version of the Starfall Work In Progress document available free online to VIP members.
Once the Sector Codes were designed I dived straight in and started to add the codes to the Region Map. GMD Member Waracolyte was curious about borders between different territories and how these would be defined. Currently they were defined with coloured backgrounds but a more definitive border was needed. So I added these while talking about the various Starfall Territories.

Time had run out half way through generating the borders so after lunch I decided to add the remainder borders and more sector codes since I felt incredibly inspired!
You can gain access to the Work In Progress file here:

Please note you MUST be a VIP Member and be logged in with your account to see this and it is at the bottom of this web-page.

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