This form is used to create your GMD Patreon support LoR Comic Character.


You are all crewmembers of the Salvage Vessel ‘Diomedes’ The starship has picked up a strong signal of an old wreck which could provide a hefty payload.

This game is a survival game. The aim is to survive the Story. Players will die, Will it be you?

How to create a character:

  1. Choose a Race See images
  2. Choose what Dice Type each stat is: All stats start at D6. Then Choose which One Stat you want to be at D8. Any Stat you reduce to D4 allows you to increase another one Dice Step.
    Dice Steps = D4 / D6 / /D8 / D10 / D12
  3. Choose 3 Skills (Make it up!) your character is especially good at.
  4. Make sure you have answered all questions by selecting the appropriate drop-down info.
  5. Any issues, contact GMDOnline in Discord. or send a Help ticket from the website.

Available Races:

Yuu-Ma: A Reptilian race who refer to themselves in the third person and by others by their titles such as ‘Friend X’, Yuu-Ma love tinkering and building.

Felion: A proud catlike race, that are agile and can be warlike and a very forward race. A little Haughty at times.

Human: Human in the Starfall Galaxy are the most adaptable of the races and can turn their hand to most tasks.

Kreen: The Kreen are a bark-like creature of tall stature, they are slower than most races. They have a natural affinity with nature.

Phascian: This strange translucent energy based life form whose skin is delicate and if they lose too much life force will simply fade away and cease to exist. Phascian are capable of levitating and do not actually walk like other life forms, they simply glide. Phascians are great electrical engineers.

Polarian: The Polarians are the Prominent races of the Starfall Galaxy, They have the ability to sense the emotions of others. Some have mastered their Psionic ability and joined the Psi Corps.

Xarian: The Xarians are a silicon-based life form made of reflective gemlike substance. They have the ability to reflect laser and light to a certain degree.

La-Zar: This winged draconic warlike race are masters of building starships. They are capable of flight with their leathery wings.

Robot: This artificial Life form is Polarian Made, They are programmed to do a variety of tasks and are subservient to others and are looked upon as property rather than an actual race. Robots do not breathe and if they take damage require repairing rather than healing.

Once I have received and looked over your character I will contact you and discuss your choices. If I feel require any changes to obtain a more balanced and realistic character I will let you know.

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