Star Guard – Issue #3: Wreckers [August 15th 2017]


Arriving at the Jumpgate to exit the system a que is formed as merchant vessels make their way towards the capital of the Jewel Subsector. Suddenly a Large Bulk Freighter breaks que and jumps through the gate. Gate Security open fire hopelessly against the colossal vessel and it escapes. Star Guard in a faster jump capability vessel tries to jump ahead of it to engage it on the other gate…

Suddenly dragged out of jumpspace by a jump disruptor field laid in dead space by pirates, all the vessels start smashing into each other. Suddenly the Bulk Freighter exits jumps space and ploughs through the vessels.

The Star Guard jump into action… rescuing survivors, engaging the pirates and dismantling the disruptor.

Eventually order is had and the Star Guard shuttle is full with patients. Captain Tell a merchant the Star Guard assisted many years ago, is more than happy to assist.

Pirate captain Scar jumps away with his crew and the Crimson Sabre, a Pirate Battleship. daring not to face the Star Guard

1st Place: CHAD


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