Sprytes Quest: Dragon Egg Hunt 2024

Spryte has lost the Dragon Eggs, return them to him and you will be rewarded.

Sprytes Easter Hunt 2024

Help Spryte recover the lost Dragon Eggs and he will reward you for your support!

  • Collect 5 Dragon Eggs to claim a free Spryte 3D Resin Small Dragon Miniature for free in your next Seasonal Pack you order to be sent to you.

5 Steps

Quest Achievements

Blue Dragon Egg

2 Blue Shards

Collect 50 Red Shards to locate the lost Blue Dragon Egg and Earn 2 Blue Shards

1 Step

  • Earn 50 Red Shards to claim this Achievement

Purple Dragon Egg

1 Purple Shard

Vote on 5 Polls to locate the lost Purple Dragon Egg and earn 1 Purple Shard

1 Step

  • Vote on 5 Polls

Red Dragon Egg

20 Red Shards

Leave a Comment on a News Post to locate the lost Red Dragon Egg and earn 20 Red Shards

1 Step

  • Leave a comment on a News Post

Green Dragon Egg

5 Green Shards

Earn 10 Yellow Shards, Earn 20 Red Shards and Unlock the chest containing the Green Dragon Egg to locate the lost Green Dragon Egg and Earn 5 Green Shards.

Clues to the whereabouts of the chest will be hidden in weekly newsletters! You will need to note the clues and answers to solve the puzzle.

Advice: GMD Online

3 Steps

  • Unlock the Chest containing the Green Dragon Egg
  • Earn 10 Yellow Shards
  • Earn 20 GMD Red Shards
    Expires on May 1, 2024

Golden Dragon Egg

2 Blue Shards

Collect Tokens for a Featured Character & Visit the GMD VIP Members Page, to locate the lost Golden Dragon Egg and Earn 10 Yellow Shards

2 Steps

One thought on “Sprytes Quest: Dragon Egg Hunt 2024

  1. i find myself a wee bit confused with regards to the requirements to get the green egg….. will try and figure it out.

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