Something New Is Coming Soon… Ish…

I am working on a CORE RPG game which will be played in Fantasy Grounds & Discord… 

What is it

It is something a little different, you get to join in sessions when it suits you, no signing up.

  • It will be Patreon only.
  • Session will be live. 
  • You get to play the character you want.
  • It is campaign play so you get to develop your character.

Once I have finalised how this is going to work, I will hold a character development day, no sign up just turn up. 

Once we have some characters I will announce the first sessions and Adventure for that session. (Each adventure will have unique prizes etc…)

I know this sounds a little cryptic but more information to follow with a though explanation of how it is all going to work!

GMD Points

I’m thinking of introducing GMD Points. Each Tier will earn x amount of GMD Points each month. Also you can earn these in the game sessions too. 

What are they used for?

They will give you % discount off products… If you earn enough for 100% then you get it for free.. That’s a lot of Points mind so don’t get too excited. 

They are also used to gain artwork, in game benefits etc from this new game session I’m working on. Plus a lot more… 

I will announce fully once I have finished developing this idea. 

Patreon Only Warfare Game

I will also developing a Patreon only Wargame campaign, where you gather your resource’s and develop your armies & nations, then go conquer or make allies with your neighbours.

There will be a Fantasy & Sci-Fi & a Super Team version to start with.

I will tell you more once development is complete.

This will all be possible due to your cointinued support. I want to give you something extra for being paitent through this busy period of the CORE RPG Game Develeopment which has not been that interesting or engaging for those of you who are not on Discord. 

Love you all! 

GMD Online

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