SHACON: UK Savage Worlds Convention!

Have you ever fancied playing Savage Worlds for two days in a listed former Jailhouse and Barracks? Are you able to get to Sheffield in the UK in August for the weekend of 12th and 13th August?

ShaCon, the UK’s dedicated Savage Worlds convention is a new convention on the UK circuit for 2017. The venue regularly hosts four other RPG conventions and is very well suited to our gaming needs. The Garrison Hotel, Guardhouse Bar & Restaurant is easily reached by car and public transport in the outskirts of Sheffield.

So far, we have following settings and genres submitted to run:

– Hellfrost
– Deadlands Noir
– Steampunk Cthulhu Superheroes
– Goblin Pirates
– Marvel Agents of SHIELD
– Musketeers
– Drenai Saga
– Napoleon in Egypt
– Robin of Sherwood

We’re also hoping to host the UK premiere of a setting recently completed on Kickstarter. This setting is probably the most appropriate setting for the venue that could be imagined.

This week, we’ll also be announcing two Guests of Honour for the convention. Both are well known figures on the UK RPG and convention scene and renowned Savage Worlds GMs.

They will both be running three sessions over the weekend.
The attendance fee is very reasonable at £25 for the whole weekend or, if you cannot make both days, £15 to attend on Saturday or £15 to attend on Sunday.

Convention and venue information along with registration and game submission is all located on our website:

We’d love to see you all there and make this a convention to remember!

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