September MVP 2015 Has finally been announced!

Winner of the September 2015 MVP is:


September 2015

What a month for MVP! A mammoth set of games with some of the best RP I have seen in ages! But I think a special mention needs to go out to Cantorion who managed to clock up an amazing amount of 22 MVP points over 11 games! This is no easy feat and requires a consistent run of RP excellence! Well done Cantorion! This can only help him in the overall Leaderboard!

Once again MVP has been snatched up by Kokopelli! Is there no stop to this guys reign of terror?! We will see how he fairs in the October Halloween special!

1st Place: KOKOPELLI


3rd Place: ELLSPETH

4th Place: GOFFICK

Click on Image above to go to the Hall of Fame.

For the MVP information page and leader-boards. Click HERE

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