Savage Worlds Returns to GMD!

The clubs favorite game system returns!


After giving Age of Rebellion a try for out Starguard campaign, the group as agreed to swap it back to the original Savage Worlds ruleset.

Characters are being converted over now, ready for this Tuesdays game.

Feel free to pop onto Team Speak or even log into the session to spectate.

What to expect from the new characters?

  • The characters will have a much tighter balance when it comes to powers. Powers have their own section on the website and are clearly set our and easy to understand.
  • Rolling attacks will be quicker with a drag and drop games mechanic.
  • The use of Bennies!
  • GMD members will have access to GMD points.
  • GMD Premium Members will gain GMD Plot cards!
  • Combat sessions will be fast and furious.
  • Also don’t forget that the main scenes will be managed by the Interlude, Dramatic Task,  Token Map Combat, Chase Scene, Mass Battles and Social Conflict games mechanics. which all add a different dimension and excitement to the campaign.






What to expect from future Starguard games?

  • The standard plot campaign will continue to run as normal, plus…
  • I will integrate other Savage Worlds setting using the RIFTS campaign.
  • I will also be making use of the Savage Worlds Sci-fi Companion.
  • I will use other setting books such as Horror, Fantasy etc as the heroes travel to unusual worlds and through dimensions and temporal rifts. Allowing all players to play in their favorite settings.. including Realms of Cuthulu!

What other great games will you see?

As of 2017 GM Draeus plans to open a Wednesday games club day once or twice a month to hold mini-campaigns that run for 1-5 sessions.


Hopefully we will see other GMS open other days too!

GM Draeus’s Savage Wednesday games list will include:






2017 is going to be Awesome!
Become the hero you was born to be!

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