Werewolf the Forsaken

Sunday July 7, 2019 15:00 to 18:00 BST
Sunday July 21, 2019 15:00 to 18:00
Sunday August 4, 2019 15:00 to 18:00

It is a World of Darkness, a world much like our own but it is also a world where the denizens of our nightmares are real. Beside mere mortals many beings make up the world. Among them are Vampires who dwell on the blood of the living. Werewolves who can change their form in an instant, channel their rage & harness the power of the moon. Mages who can manipulate the very laws of reality and bend them to their will.

The summer has so far been glorious; hot sunny days with just the perfect amount of breeze to keep the humidity at bay. The cities inhabitants have been happily going about their usual everyday hustle & bustle while enjoying the occasional summer break. And yet there is something … not quite right … Steelwinter stands in the shadow of an alley overlooking Coney Island’s boardwalk and slowly, carefully sniffs the air. All the usual city smells are right there … traffic, people, garbage even rats, all joined with the tangy saltiness of the bay but there’s definitely something else. The air feels tight, heavy, almost like it does right before a big storm but no, that’s not it. He lowers his head, snorting with frustration, then with a shake he pads out of the alley and crosses the street.

Just as his paws start to pound at the sand, a long howl rends the cool night air. Steelwinter skids to a halt, pricking his ears to listen intently. A second voice joins with the first, followed swiftly by a third. Suddenly a rusty coloured wolf barrels into him and they tumble, a mass of limbs among the sand. A snarl erupts from Steelwinter’s throat before the recognition of the scent pierces his brain … he lets his snarl die as they finally come to a halt. Steelwinter shifts as he picks himself up the floor, looking down to the tangle of rusty fur & limbs below him. “Joey I’ve told you before about watching ahead while you run,” he says with an irritated shake of his head. The rusty wolf shifts, becoming a scrawny young man with unkempt red hair, “Sorry boss,” he grins sheepishly at the older man. Steelwinter sighs loudly, “I’ve also told you about calling me boss!” The younger man stops smiling and straightens himself up, eyes looking at the floor.

Steelwinter doesn’t notice, he is once again staring into the night sky, after moments pause he stiffens, “What is it?” Joey asks. “They’ve found another …” Steelwinter’s steely gaze meets the wide, green eyes of Joey. “This calls for speed, you ready?” Joey grins back, “Of course boss … I mean Mr Steelwinter … I mean … nevermind.” They both bend forward, shifting as they go until two wolves stand side by side on the beach. A moment later Steelwinter’s voice gives a short loud howl in reply before breaking into a run, the younger wolf following on his heel.

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