Space Hulk: Death Wing – Dr Steiner

Tuesday August 7, 2018 19:00 to 22:30 BST

Comms: Discord

Interface: Fantasy Grounds 2
Log in details will be given out on Teamspeak prior to game start.

Ruleset: Savage Worlds
Genre / Setting: Warhammer 40k / Space Hulk

Space Hulk: Death Wing – Dr Steiner

The Dark Angels have been sent into assist Dr Steiner with extracting some ancient tech she has detected aboard a Space Hulk that has exited Warp Space.

But on arrival this, what seemed to be a routine baby sitting op, soon turns into a hell….

Required Characters:

Please choose one of the following… Check availability as first come first served…

1 X Librarian Psyker

1 x Terminator Sergant

1 x Terminator Hvy Weapons

3 x Terminators Close Assault Marines

Event date is past

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