Event Type: Fantasy Grounds

Pathfinder Rise Of The Runelords

Tuesday January 21, 2020 19:00 to 22:30 GMT   Show in my timezone Millennia ago, the powerful empire of Thassilon ruled the land, dominated by despotic runelords who maintained their power through harnessing the power of rune magic. Thought gone forever, the workings of Thassilon are not so far beneath the surface and one of […]

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5E Adventure in Middle Earth

Monday January 27, 2020 19:00 to 22:30 GMT   Show in my timezone Middle Earth 5e Adventure Campaign. Smaug has been defeated, the Battle of Five Armies has been won, and Bilbo has returned to the Shire. But much danger still remains, and from the Orc-holds of the mountains to the dark and corrupt depths […]

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LoR: Asteros – In The Shadows of the Mountain

Thursday January 30, 2020 19:00 to 10:30 GMT   Show in my timezone In the quite fishing Polis of Laphaenia all is peaceful for its citizens. Except for the odd raid by Shae-Du or Centaurs. Governed under the rule of the Archon of Asteros and protected by the Hoplites of Elarsa. But the distant mountains […]

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