Roman Resistance

Roman Resistance

Roman Britain


UmaRhydwynLaranaDerwynCalladun (1)boudica

Images are characters left to right 

Calladun, played by Hendell

Brigante fighter of the lower nobility, played by Eusi, Brigante fighter and companion to Calladun


Rhydwyn, Druid from the Damdononii, played by jshauber,

Uma, Druid of the Iceni, follower of Andrasta and adviser to the young Boudica,played by silvereagle

Boudica, later Queen of the Iceni, for now betrothed to their king, played by Crymoricus.


All sought out Caratacus, the defeated king of the Catellevauni for reasons of their own.

Larana, the 6th was unclaimed, she is a fighter for the Trinovante, and a friend of Boudica’s.

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