Road to Expo 24 starts!

What projects are you starting this year?

So… What’s Ocuring?

I have been working on some projects for the past week.

Strike Force

Strike Force Book 1 is coming along nicely. I have the rules almost complete, then we are going to do some heavy play testing while the rules enter the Graphic Design phase of the project.

I will divulge more about this project over the next few weeks, along with some Play Test Pics!


Cascade is our fun family board game I will be showcasing a little more about this game over the next few weeks as we start major development for the EXPO!

The game is for up to 2-6 players to race around the board by matching symbols on the board. Match your symbols for an extra boost, and be careful whose symbols you match in case of repercussion! More to follow soon!

Check out the Logo:

I will show more as we get something nice to show you! If I get some time, I will create a video preview too!

The rules have all been written and it is just waiting to be typeset and start production on a working prototype to determine what the finished article will look like. I will get some pics over the next few weeks as development continues.


Oh… Have we got some exciting news coming your way! We have obtained various commercial licences for supplying miniatures. The range will include a variety of miniatures for:

  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi Floor Plans
  • Fantasy Floor Plans
  • 6mm Sci-Fi Miniature Wargaming Scenery (A little foreshadowing here of what is on the horizon!)
  • Sci-Fi Terrain
  • Fantasy Terrain

Check out the first miniature currently one of 9! With so much more to follow…

I will be adding this miniature as well as others to the Members XP Chart, So become a member today and start building XP to spend and add this and others to your Seasonal Members Pack for FREE in April. Seasonal Pack Postage is free worldwide.

GMD is about to expand and to save the confusion between GMD Membership and the Games I create, I have decided to rebrand the games 5 Dice Games. There is more on this news in the near future, but I am not allowed to divulge such information at this time! Exciting!

As part of 5 Dice Games, I will be selling licensed miniatures as well as my own creations! These will be sold under the Old Forge Miniatures Range.

Members can get the Premium Box Set For Free!

AAE Guide & Pegaus Engine

The Premium Pegasus Engine CORE RPG Box Set has been created. Containing 8 books, all the record sheets and a box of 5 Hindrance Dice.

The AAE Guide is also ready as well as the A5 Encounters Cards from the CORE RPG, AAE Guide and 24 Pre-Gen Character Cards.

The only thing remaining to be created is the Games Masters Screen. I have been successful in printing the test screen and I am currently in the process of producing a final version before mass production. Just some minor tweaks I want to do before this part of the project is complete and I can turn my attention to the Limited Edition Hard Backs!

I wish to thank VIP Members Rich, Eusi & Waracolyte for taking the time to share the Protortypes they recived in our cimmunity Discord Channel. To say thank you I have given you all +10 XP each!

Thank you for being a member without you and all the VIP Members I could not have done any of this!

That’s right if you are an existing Founding Member you may now spend XP to add the Premium Box Set to your Seasonal pack for FREE! But hurry! Time is running out and so is the availability of this limited-edition premium box set! Founding Members: 1 week left to spend your XP to claim the Premium Box Set for FREE!! Don’t miss out, stocks are limited!

Only Founding Members will be able to claim the Premium Box Set. Don’t worry become a member today and start saving XP to add a copy of the Pegasus Engine to your Easter Pack for you to claim for free!

Hopefully, starting next week, I plan to start featuring Characters from the Pegasus Engine CORE Worlds. Some are NPC’s and others are loved VIP Member’s Characters who have made it into the official CORE Worlds.

This will not only be an information block with accompanying artwork, but it will allow GMD Members to obtain the characters virtually to use in future online interactive solo adventures I will be developing for you all to participate in.

Within the Featured Character Section of the weekly MVP Newsletter, members will find rewards to claim. Such as Shards and Character Tokens required to obtain the Featured character. Shards have been explained on the Members Page. However, I will be expanding and updating the information there as the Interactive Solo Adventures and competitions start development.

Within the Interactive Solo and Community Adventures and Competitions that will appear from week to week Members will be able to locate hidden treasure. These treasures could be rare Shards providing access to a deeper part of the Membership site, or unlocking unique limited giveaways or prizes to be added to seasonal packs! Prizes I pick up from Conventions and games stores while out on my travels! These will become strictly first come first served basis. So watch out for Interactive links in future editions of the newsletter!

Latest MVP write-ups and awards!

MVP is the Most Valued Player Award voted on at the end of each Pegasus Engine Playtest session.

Winners earn Red Shards and XP!

MVP: GAU – Reign of Terror – Episode 1

The Cast

Laser Lady

Ranged (Actor: Loonabay)


Position: Ship’s Captain

  • Laser Blasts
  • Flight & Speed
  • Light Manipulation
  • Light Creation


Agitator (Actor: GMDSarah)


  • Weather Control
  • Ice Blast
  • Flight
  • Forcefield

Indira The Indomitable

Defender (Actor: Sophie)


  • Armour
  • Density Control
  • Entangle (gravity)
  • Growth


Agitator(Actor: Woadan)


  • Absorption
  • Kinetic Blast
  • Nullification


Enhancer (Actor: Waracolyte)


  • Teleportation
  • Water Creation/Manipulation
  • Healing
  • Telempathy
  • Telepathy

Mac Makenzie

Scrapper (Actor: Rich)


  • Absorption
  • Kinetic Blast
  • Nullification

Phantom Fist

Scrapper (Actor: Silver Eagle)


  • Teleportation
  • Martial Artist
  • Multi-Actions

All artwork was created by GMD Online and supplied for free as part of the GMD Online Membership package. I want to say thank you to all Members for believing in and supporting GMD Online.

The Story So Far…

For several months the characters have foun dtheir way in life in the super city of Cape Town in South Africa.

Mac Makenzie, now working as a labourer on a building site, has made friends with Levi Giovani. Mac saves his friend when a chain broke dropping a concrete block down towards him. Jumping in the way Mac catches the block and drops it aside. Levi is grateful and the next day invites him to his uncles restraunt on the sea front. At the restraunt, Levi’s uncle Lorenzo Giovani, thanks Mekenzie, stating he owes him a debt for his heroic actions.

Blizzard has joined the fire fighters of Cape Town and finds herself racing towadrs a burning Mixima Financial building with the fire fighting team. Once the blaze is under control, she does a little investigation, and notices foot prints in the ash…

Indira managed to find work as a lumberjack and has been helping clear an area for a new GAU building. While at work, her friend Imanathi screams and when Indira arrives she finds a pit of skeletons of young women and girls who have been brutely and savagely murdered and buried there. Officer Thunderbolt attends the scene and flirts with Indira and offers her a drink Wednesday evening. She accepts leaving the young officer smiling, she finishes her shift, she is disturbed by the sighting and a cold feeling she felt at the shallow grave.

Phantom Fist has been running a dojo to keep local youngetsers out of trouble. But his dojo has come under attack from local yobs and Phantom finds himself cleaning ‘Norm Lover’ graffiti from his dojo. One of his Norm regulars Mark Methembu helps, and Phantom notices his eye all swollen from an assault last night, Mark tells him it’s nothing and he will get even.

Laser Lady meanwhile has found a job working at Ol’ Mallies Cafe down on the seafront. During the day a gang of 7 bikers arrive demanding protection money. Laser Lady, learns they are part of the Black Skulls gang, a thug group for the Copolla everyone knows it and they are terrified, hurt Marlo and you will deal with Copolla, especially Trauma! Marlo leader of the gang, makes Laser Lady feel sick when he is near. She decides to let Ol Mallie pay the protection money and makes a mental note to do something about it at a later date. She also notices one of her regulars a french girl, Toni Frise, glaring at the gang, but not do anything. That night Laser Lady does a little vigilante work, and hunts down members of the gang, but when she locates one of the gang, she finds him, beaten and laying in an alley, and a starnge figure acrobating (holding two billy clubs in her hands) over the roof tops away from the scene of crime. Lsser Lady calls it a night once she fails to locate more ofthe gang.

Sirona has become a lifeguard and is sitting on Muizenberg Beach, False Bay on the Indian Ocean. where Beautifully brightly coloured painted huts line the beach, and hundreds have ascended to the beach to enjoy the hot day. Suddenly people and children ran screaming… When a woman is attacked by a great white.. by the time Sirona arrives to help the woman she had been dragged under. Diving in after her Sirona witnessed something that was not a Great white at all, but looks to be a shark person, she gave chase… but it let the woman go and disappeared into the seas mirk… The crowd cheer her as she returned with the woman and the emergency services arrived to assist.

One night they all gathered for their evening meal at their good friend Germina Khumalos house. Where they discussed their week. The news was going wild with reports about a theft from the Metropolitan Bank of ANtiquities in the City Bowl. Aparently an artefact called the Tablet of Hathor was stolen. Germina notes in the local paper that the Banks Director, Rachelle Derand has an advert looking for private investoigators to assist her to recover an important item. The party decide to investigate further and makes arrangements to meet with Derand.

Meeting with Derand she discusses the situation, the artefact was taken from the glass display here in a private meeting room, where she holds the meeting. The case is smashed to pieces and only the Tablet is gone, other valuable items were untocuhed and left behind. During the robbery, security cameras recorded an unnatural darkness in the meeting room; this darkness totally concealed the thief.

Al lthat was left at the site was a stange fedora style hat, with a card in its band, saying “Traumas coming to everyone!”

Everyone did not know what that meant.

Prying for more information they learned that The tablet is called the Tablet of Hathor. It is an ancient Egyptian tablet covered in hieroglyphs that experts say speak of a priest who endured the Curse of Hom-Dai for attempting to conjure evil beasts entrapped by the gods.

Mrs Derand explained that she believes the tablet has been deciphered, and the increased violent reports by strange monsterous or frightingin beings is linked to it and that more incidents of murder are imminent. She told the police of her fears, but they laughed at her. She begs the heroes to recover the tablet, “for the sake of Capetown!” They agreee to help.

During the meeting a waitress bring sthem refreshments, but on sighting of the case becomes anxious to leave. Once the meeting is finished the party leave and finds the waitress Dana Jacobs, waiting for them by the park outside…

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: GMD Sarah

2nd Place: Rich

3RD Place: Loonabay

Why not become a member today and start earning XP and supporting the creation of the Pegasus Engine and it’s CORE Worlds? I cannot do it alone, together we will build better worlds!

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