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Required Gaming Tools (p.4)


  • As well as this Rule Book, the players will need to note their character’s statistics and other details. There is a CORE RPG Character Sheet that can be found on page 180 or available for FREE online on
    our website.
  • A set of traditional gaming dice: 4-sided (D4), 6-sided (D6), 8-sided (D8), 10-sided (D10) and 12-sided (D12).
  • It is recommended to obtain several of each dice for quickness; in case your character is required to roll multiple of the same dice.
  • Dice are available from your favourite local gaming store, or online.
  • A group of friends to enjoy some heroic tales with.
  • A world to set your adventures in for the players to explore and become triumphant in their pursuits or to fall and find a legendary end.
  • CORE Worlds can be found at your local store or online at www.gmdonline.co.uk.
  • Miniatures or tokens (optional), to represent the heroes and villains during combat. This will help visualise everyone’s location in relation to each other. You can purchase miniatures and tokens from your local game store or online. GMD Online has supplied some tokens and card stock miniatures on our website for use with our official CORE Worlds.
  • A large piece of paper or whiteboard to draw out the battle maps on. You can get printed battle maps at your local store or online or from our website. These really help the players envision and interact with the tactical situation of the battle.

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Last Updated: 1st December 2021

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