Progress so far June 19

The design work is coming along nicely..

As you can see from the image above so much progress has been made this year it is hard to believe.

Most of the time has been spent getting the rules completed for the GMD CORE RPG. Already the PDF creation has started and is looking good. The rules are also being put back online for Patreons to use. Mid July is the deadline to go live with the website version, although it will only be a text wall to start with. But as the website has it’s revamp over the next few months the formatting of the RPG will also take place.

The Role Playing Comic is at a mammoth 10 pages and the patrons have just voted for a new sub story to give the Starguard a make over which will appear soon. All pages are on our website for our Patreons to read. 

The artwork is coming along nicely and our 5th commission has been ordered and should be available sometime this month. GMD is very excited about this piece! Which will show case the lands where the gods of LoR are rumoured to reside. Mount Azkalon itself.

So join the community now and help build some amazing products for everyone to use!

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