StarGuard The Vanishing Issue #1 (PDF)


StarGuard The Vanishing – Issue #1

The first episode of the exciting tales of the StarGuard!

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StarGuard The Vanishing – Issue #1

The StarGuard. A Peace-keeping initiative, a galactic police force. The StarGuard are a gifted team of Supers that race across the galaxy answering to no single political body but to a collective council consisting of all within the known nations, to police the peace accord. Bringing super-powered beings to face justice; to protect the galaxy from entities and Galactic Nations who threaten the peace and tranquillity of the galaxy.
Secrets are stolen from a secure StarGuard facility. A chase which ends in a political nightmare and events that will cause a wave to crash through the ranks of its agents! Could this be the beginning of the end for the StarGuard?


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