GMD Level 3 VIP Member

£15.00 / month

Earn 15 XP each Month and gain access to member-only content and products!


Level 3 VIP Membership

Access to:

  • Earn Monthly 15 XP
  • Access to VIP Member areas of the Website
  • Access all online products FLIP BOOK Page
  • Access all online CORE World Pages
  • Access to Community & VIP Polls
  • Access to VIP member-only Discord channels
  • VIP Competitions
  • Prebook-Play Testing sessions
  • Access to Product Development Requests
  • FREE Postage on all purchased items
  • Seasonal Gift Box (Spend on XP to fill Seasonal Pack with FREE Products Postage Free to anywhere in the world!)
  • Access Member-Only Products
  • Gain 5% Membership Discount on selected items (Does not include sale items or in combination with other discounts)


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