A Universal Story System.

Any genre, any story, anywhere, any time…

Fast and easy no-nonsense rules

One game to play them all…



  • A Universal Story System
  • Any genre, Any story, anywhere, any time
  • Fast and easy no-nonsense rules
  • Dynamic & Exciting Combat system
  • Enjoy exciting tales against countless villains

Become the hero you were born to be!

The CORE RPG Hardback is a 182-page full-colour rulebook beautifully illustrated with inspirational artwork throughout by Joseph Knight, Daniel Harper & Sarah Harper.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience for players of all levels of experience. The No-nonsense rules format is set out to allow for quick learning and have games up and running in a matter of hours rather than days of reading large blocks of text. Out flow charts and snappy rules make learning quick and fun.

The CORE RPG utilises the GMD Opposed gaming mechanic designed for exciting encounters that have players cheering successes and groaning at timely failures!

Give your characters a better chance of success by playing the odds with Specialisations and Perks.

Exciting interactive cinematic combat where battles are no longer static but moving constantly about the battlefield as opponents jostle for an advantage over each other.

Character Creation allows for truly universal character creation and has six roles within a party that a player can choose to fulfil. The Role system allows for groups of all wizards, pilots or warriors and still have all the character individual and unique from each other.

A development system that allows for characters to develop their statistics, specialisations and Perks during gameplay.

The Powers system allows for creating truly unique spell casters or superheroes or even masters of strange and wonderous tech.

Limited only by your imagination!



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