CORE RPG Specialisation Guide (PDF)



What is the CORE RPG Specialisation Guide?

This guide is a complete set of CORE RPG Specialisation.

The CORE RPG Rules System is required to use this product. It can be purchased from our store at

Every Specialisation created for CORE RPG, CORE Guides, CORE Worlds and CORE Adventures will all be found in this book.
This Guide is updated every time a new Specialisation is created. See An Ever-Expanding CORE Advanced Rules Expansion.
You will find the Specialisation Guide follows the same design as the rest of the CORE Products. This is so that it maintains a familiarity for readers. The same Colour chapters, for example, here we have Purple bars because Specialisations are part of the Character Creation Chapter of the CORE RPG.
For Statistics and other References used throughout the book, you will need to refer to the GMD CORE RPG.

An Ever-Expanding CORE Advanced Rules Expansion?

Apart from being an overly complicated phrase to say, the Ever-Expanding CORE Advanced Rules Expansion is a set of guides that are designed to be continually updated with:

  • New Rules
  • Rules Corrections
  • New Art
  • Spelling and Grammar Corrections
  • And New Content…

No more 2nd Editions!
You purchase the book once and just re-download each month (Or as new content is added) for FREE!
However, this means the book is always digital. But you can print the book as the content is of print quality and created to the highest standard. Each Update will inform you of what pages have been updated making printing easier.
As the ever-expanding guides become more complete changes will be minimal.
These books are designed to expand upon the CORE RPG Rules.
Each Guide will contain the rules that are found in the relevant sections of the CORE RPG that are associated with the expanded guide.
Also, the rules in the Expanded Guide will supersede rules located in the CORE RPG.


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