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PowerBall League coming soon!

All new PowerBall League coming soon to GMD. Demo game being run tonight for FREE.

Powerball Logo

What Is PowerBall?

PowerBall is a futuristic sports game based loosely on American Football / Rugby style of play. It’s brutal, Fast and Furious fun.

What Role Do I Play?

You take on the role of the Teams staff. Creating a Staff stat sheet using Savage Worlds to do so.  Once you have bought your team. You then have to manage them as well as play them through a series of matches in an attempt to win various Tournaments and League rounds. The individual players gain XP just like the Team Staff. They improve over time [If they survive long enough].

The pitch is a high energy field. Falling onto it sends a shock through the players body that can incinerate them! On top of this the Power Ball is made of Nanites that are held together by high intensity energy.

What’s The Point to This Game?

The point is to win! There are prizes to be won. Once we get the League up and running Teams have the chance to win regular Loyalty Points. Tournaments will see a larger amount of LP’s to be won. Also other prizes! [To be announced!]

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