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Power Updates: Weapon Skill


We have made changes to the Weapon Skill Power:

Weapon Skill

This power has been renamed Combat Training. On top of this more upgrades have been added to this power.



A Hero with this power is particularly skilled in a chosen Weapon Skill. The character chooses one combat skill of choice.

When ever the hero uses that skill gains 2 upgrades with that skill.

Also the hero has a range of Combat Maneuvers they can purchase as Upgrades.

Upgrades Available:

  • Mastery [5 X Next Rank] Each rank of Mastery increases the upgrade by 1.
  • Multi Skills [10 X Next Rank] Each rank allows the hero another combat skill to increase with Super Skill Upgrades.
  • Counter Attack [5 X Next Rank] Hero may make a attack against an enemy who has 3 Threats [1 Despair] against the Hero.
  • First Strike [5] Allows the Hero to make a preemptive strike against 1 enemy attacker, per round, attacking him. Attack Diff is 3 and made before they attack.
  • First Strike [Mastery] [First Strike + 15] Allows the Hero to make a preemptive strike against ALL enemy attackers attacking him. Attack Diff is 3 and made before they attack.
  • Multi-Attack [10] When engaged with the enemy Character gains Auto-Fire with any combat attacks.
  • Disarm [10] Hero may disarm enemy with 2 ADV instead of 3.
  • Pressure Points [5] Hero knows just where to strike to cause discomfort. Add set back with 1 ADV instead of 2.
  • Stunning Blow [15] Hero deals half damage to Strain as well as standard damage for attack.

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