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We have updated the Super Strength power based on suggestions made by Kokopelli. This has been updated on the Super Powers Page HERE.

We used to upgrade the ability Dice but did not add it to damage. So we have removed the upgrade of Ability Dice and added Super strength to Brawn related Damage and what can be carried.

If there are changes to any other power please let us know!

Here is the entry below:


Action / Incidental / Maneuver

The character has strength to a degree undreamed of by Mortals.

Character starts with Super Strength 2

The character adds their Super Strength to all Brawn based damage. This is damage due to Bawl, Melee or Thrown.

A character can also add their super strength when calculating what can be lifted. see page 168 AoR for Lifting and Encumbrance rules.

Characters with Super Strength are more likely to tear up and use objects and scenery as improvised weapons. see page 225 AoR for Improvised rules.

Extended Improvised – Super Strength Table:

Only characters with Super Strength can use these items as improvised weapons.

Add your Super Strength to Brawn to determine Cumbersome penalties.

Extra Large +6 8 Cumbersome 5 Bed, Lamp Post,
Huge +8 12 Cumbersome 6 Skip, Large Tree, Speeder Bike
Massive +10 20 Cumbersome 7 Repulsor car, Trailer, Vehicle sized Container
Enormous +15 30 Cumbersome 8 Repulsor Truck, Ion Cannon Tower, Rancor
Gigantic +20 40 Cumbersome 9 Star fighter,

For items larger then the table covers is GMs Call.

Upgrades Available:

  • Increased Strength [5 x Next Rank] Each rank of Increased Strength adds +1 to the Super Strength per Rank.
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