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Grow your town, build a nation, make allies and enemies, and survive!

This is a turn-based play-by-browser game.

this means that you will do all your actions via the browser, and upon signing up receive a unique nations page which only you will gain access to.

Your nations page will contain all the statistics, resources, and nations’ information. As well as your personal map of exploration.

Pawns of the Pantheon is based in the CORE World of LoR, a fantasy world where the children of the gods, The Hērōs roam. Fantastical beasts plague the world and heroes rise to the challenge while rulers and tyrants battle for power.

What will you be? A benevolent ruler or a tyrant?

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Note: Members will be able to spend XP to gain extra resources and take extra turns!

Regions of LoR

Before you can choose a Region here is a brief entry about each one…


Dracadia is ruled by King Drakos with its uneasy alliance with the Elarsan Empire and Strong connections to Xerba. With plenty of forests, hills and mountains to gather resources.

Bandits roaming monsters and threats against its borders, as well as squabbling rulers, keep the king’s Hoplites busy.


The Elarsan Empire is ruled by Emperor Titos with a highly trained military. Kept busy however with their eternal war with the Shae-Du Darians of Kornathos. By Imperial decree, all forest-dwelling Shae-Du are to be crucified along its roads as a deterrent to the wayward forest fiends.

Elarsa’s resources are plentiful with expansive forests, scattered hills, and distant mountains.

However, there are plenty of perils ever present from within the expansive forest at its heart.


A savage kingdom of barbarian tribes. Constantly warring for territory. Expansive plains, hills, and mountains, with scattered forests. The tribes answer to the Great Chief of Hyperboroi Chargin Blackaxe.

Other tribes are not the only peril, savage beasts roam seeking food and raiders from distant lands.


The free kingdoms were ruled by no single ruler. All agreed to protect the lands from the threat of the Kthonoi, an ancient evil that stirs behind ancient seals long ago set by the now-deceased King Peridor. All know too well if the seals break the lands will fall to the hungry hoards of the Kthonoi.

The lands are plentiful in resources with scattered hills, forests, and mountains. Bandits and Beasts cause the unwary traveler trouble.


The Amazonian Queendom of Xerba. Descendants from the great Hērōs Athay, daughter of Athaena. Ruled by Queen Alexandra. Men are inferior here and seldom raise to any great social ranks.

the realm has plenty of resources available with scattered Hills and Forests. Plenty of coastal regions and distant Mountains.

Dangers lay with the constant battle with Elarsan and Centaur raiders. Bandits are rare, and beasts are uncommon.

Example Map Region

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