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Players Wanted! Necessary Evil Campaign

Players Wanted for Necessary Evil campaign!


Click on image to book your place and learn more!

Every Wednesday at 7pm UK Time.

Approximately 6-8 Sessions left to complete the plot campaign.

That’s 2 months of gaming.

Spaces are limited!

Existing Omegan Villains include:

Mephistia: Skin produces poison that she transfers to her weapons. Character specializes in Stealth.

Hunter: Hard hitting bruiser. Specialized attack is the Big Purple Bomb, Death from above!

O: No one knows quite what O is… But with teleportation and close combat powers O is a valuable asset to the team.

Craven: A Father, A Criminal, A Born killer. Teleportation and hand to hand combat skills complement his infiltration abilities.

Toymaker: To most it looks like a Yellow Plastic Nerf Gun and a Bob the Builder hat… but that Nerf Gun discharges a bolt of lightning that can turn its targets to ashes. This inventor and technical genius is just what the team needs to get into and out of tight fixes!

Who are you? and What can you bring to the Team? …

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