Players Wanted for new Campaign!

3 Players are needed for the following Campaign!

The Last Parsec: Eris Beta V

Comms: Discord
See bottom of Home-page. Use GMD user name when logging in.

Interface: Fantasy Grounds 2
Log in details will be given out on Teamspeak prior to game start.

Ruleset: Savage Worlds
Genre / Setting: The Last Parsec [Sci-Fi]

You take on Roles as crew of a star-ship under the employment of JumpCorp. To boldly go and explore, salvage and protect JumpCorp interests. The JumpCorp charter is simple to follow and sometimes it takes a crew who can think in their feet and are tough enough to face the perils of space!

IMPORTANT!  – When signing up choose a role: Ensure you check to see what everyone else has chosen.

  • Ship Captain
  • Scientist
  • Engineer
  • Pilot
  • Security
  • Medic

Eris Beta – V

JumpCorp internal memo #24589

CONTENT: Transcript of JumpCorp recruitment vidblast, series B-23, Hyaergos system, Eris Beta-V subsector. Disseminate freely by order of Subsector Admin Chanx Oblios.


Skim above clashing asteroid rings in the cockpit of a deflector-shielded ringsweeper! Plunge into those rings safely ensconced in a mining pod, to reclaim riches beyond your wildest imagination! Investigate the remnants of the long-extinct Voidsman culture, and reclaim its technology to fortify the future! Storm the corridors of a pirate frigate and enforce JumpCorp regulations! Where can a space jockey, miner, or scientist do all these things and more? Wealth, adventure, and knowledge all await you amid the rings of gas giant Eris—the Pearl—circling in its orbit around Hyaergos Beta-V. Whether you’re a vested JumpCorp employee in search of a transfer or want to join the JumpCorp family, Eris Beta-V holds endless opportunities.


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