Pendragon Solo: One of a Kind

One of a Kind – A Pendragon Solo game




Excalibur – AKA: James Lancelot, SID agent

Outcast – AKA: Fey Twiceborn, Intruded Excalibur’s mansion, looking for the White Knight. Excalibur’s former mentor.

Tonfris – AKA: Antoinette [Toni] Frise, Wielding two Tonfa. A vigilante seeking answers!

Scene 1 – Outcast

Excalibur arrived home after a late shift with SID. ‘I need a shower’ he thought. Waiting for him to enter Fey Twiceborn Aka Outcast. Was standing waiting for him.

‘Can we speak now?’ She asked

‘Of course, let me change…’

Moments later he was in the lounge before a burning fire, casting a warm glow about the living room. Henry brought in refreshments as Fey and Excalibur discussed why she was here. Rain rattled against the windows, and the winds hammered the nearby Cornish coast.

‘When can we learn where the White Knight is?’ She started.

‘I care not, he didn’t think I was important enough to be informed why he left.” Excalibur said in a harsh tone.

‘I need his help.’

‘I wouldn’t count on it. I doubt he will be back anytime soon.’ Excalibur stared into his whiskey glass.

Fey wrapped her arms around her legs as she gathered her knees about her chest. Enjoying the warmth of the fire. The flames cast her in a orange aura that only enhanced her beauty. Her ears slightly pointed, her eyes almond shaped and slightly larger than that of human. Excalibur observed that she was a strange yet exotic sight indeed.

‘Why so much resentment?’ She asked.

‘He was the only family I had. So you tell me. What son would not resent his father for abandoning him?’ Excalibur asked

‘The White Knight is your father?’ Her face surprised.

‘Well, kind of. I’m his adopted son. Found on his doorstep as a baby. Unwanted. But he took me in. Taught me everything I know.’ He turned to look at the white haired image of his mentor. Winston Knight that looked out over the room from above the fireplace.

‘We are alike you and me.’ Fey said, following his gaze to that of the white haired man. ‘Is that him? Is that the White Knight?’

‘It is.’

‘I was also abandoned as a child. Unwanted, left to the wolves in a  dark clearing on a stormy night.’The thunder boomed outside to echo Fey’s words. ‘Outcast to my kind’ Tears welled in her eyes.

Feeling slightly sorry for the young woman sat opposite him. ‘Stay here for a while. treat it as home. See what you can learn from the library here. I have to head out.’ With that Excalibur called for Henry his butler, and butler to the White Knight before him.

Wasn’t long before Henry arrived, dressed impeccably in his suit. ‘You rang sir?’

‘Ah, yes Henry. Would you be so kind to bring the car round. I need to attend my class tonight.’ Excalibur asked.

‘Of course MR Lancelot, which one will be using tonight?’

‘I was thinking something fast.’

‘That will be the Lamborghini then sir. I will be outside waiting for you.’ with that henry left.

‘Lancelot? What sort of name is that?’ Fey asked.

‘It was given to me by the White Knight. Anyways what sort of name is Twiceborn?’ He asked.

‘It is of the hidden people. My mother, who didn’t want me gave it to me.’

”Your Mother who, is your mother.’

‘Morgana, hateful woman.’ Fey mumbled under and angry breath.

‘Interesting, we shall speak again. For now I must be going.’ Excalibur made his excuses then left…


Scene 2 – The Lost

Henry drove through the country lanes heading to Excalibur’s dojo, nearby to give lessons to his martial arts students. Over the radio the local news announced a story about a spree of people hospitalised all saying the same thing. ‘A Masked Vigilante beating information out of them.’

‘It seems this masked vigilante is starting to make the news sir. A terrible thing when someone takes the law into his own hands.’ Henry said with humour in his tone.

‘Indeed it is Henry. Indeed it is.’ Excalibur smiled, remembering the other night, heading out to confront a drug dealer to find out who was behind the drug shipment. Ok he was a little heavy handed. But that’s the price these scum pay. He chuckled to himself at the irony. A law man taking the law into his own hands.

Eventually they arrived at the Dojo. His students lined up. three new comers he noted. two young lads and a pretty woman, must be in her mid twenties. Was hard to tell. Blonde hair tied back in a pony tail.  He subtly paired off his students to test the new comers potential. By the close of the night the woman, Antoinette Frise, he noted her name from the member form. Had bested all her opponents. Some amazing moves. Jujitsu, Karate, a little kung-fu but what rose his interest was the subtle use of Ninjutsu in her technique. But her trademark finishing move was the Scorpion kick she did. It came out of nowhere.

As his students departed he walked over to Miss Frise. ‘Miss Frise a word if you don’t mind.’

‘Of course Master Lancelot.’ She said in a thick French accent.

‘Your technique has some interesting combinations. Notably Ninjitsu and some moves I could not place. Where did you train?’

‘Back home in Paris.’ She answered mopping sweat from her brow and taking a swig of a drink.

‘Who taught you?’ He asked.

‘Master Yojo.’

‘So. why my Dojo? Here in the remote of Cornwall?’

‘I have been searching of a worthy master. To hone my skills. Your Dojo is well known among the Martial Arts community. I have to say Master Launcelot, your reputation is well earned.’ She said.

‘Thank you, I wont keep you any longer.’ He hurriedly changed then returned to the car where Henry was waiting reading the newspaper.

As he got in the car, he Saw Miss Frise ride off on her motorcycle, a dark silhouette in the moonlight. ‘Henry, did you manage to get that motorcycles number plate?’

‘What motorcycle sir?’ He replied

‘Nevermind, Home please Henry, I have some research to do.


Outcast’s discovery

Stepping out of the shower, wrapping a towel around him Excalibur thought to himself. Strange that women showing up at the dojo today. More to this than she’s letting on.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a tap of the door. Stepping out of the bathroom he was confronted by an excitable looking Fey Twiceborn. Whose expression changed to embarrassed.

‘Don’t you ever wear anything else but a towel?’ She asked as her face reddened. She noted the scars that covered his body.

‘You do choose your moments to come find me Fey.’ He said. ‘You wanted something?’

‘Yes I have information about the White Knight.’

‘Ok let me change then I’ll be with you.’

Moments later Fey and Excalibur sat in the living room. Hovering all about Fey in mid air were half a dozen journals. They turned their pages on their own revealing information Fey wanted to show him.

‘Nice trick’ Excalibur said.

Fey smiled from ear to ear at the comment then continued. ‘Look here and here. The White Knights journals, there is a footnote that mentions two names. Micron and Laser Lady, It also mentions stonehenge and has some strange symbol marked on the page.’ She moved the books closer for Excalibur to look at.

He studied the information and then recognised the symbol. But could not place it. ‘I’ve seen this before.’ He said pointing to the symbol. ‘I’m sure it references some sort of portal or doorway or transportation. I can’t remember exactly, or how to use it.’

‘That’s the answer for me to get home.’ She said with hope creeping across her face.

‘Home? Wheres home?’ He asked.

‘The Vale of the hidden people.’ She said smiling. ‘Stonehenge must be a doorway back.’

‘If that is the case then we have a problem.’

Her expression changed to that of worry. ‘Problem? How so?’

‘Stonehenge has been destroyed.’ He informed her.

Her eyes watered and her lip trembled. ‘How will I get home? Without the White Knight I’m stuck.’ She began to panic.

‘I’m sure there are other ways. We will find the White Knight then get you home. Now did you find anything else?’ He asked.

‘Yes, I did. Look here.’ Another book came forward in the air and turned its pages. it revealed an image of an ancient looking spear.

‘I know that spear. It belongs to the White Knight.’ He noted.

‘It says here it’s called Ascalon. That he found it in a cave while out caving. It also mentions here.’ She read the passage aloud.’I entered a strangely lit room to find a spear embedded into a melted piece of rock. lying about the rock were skeletons dressed in clothing throughout history.’

‘Hmm.. Interesting. Does it mention anything about where he might have gone?’ He asked.

Fey shook her head. ‘Just someone by the name of Eldritch. Does that mean anything to you?’

‘No, it does not.’ Suddenly his vigilante phone rang. Looking at the number it was that of Eric Henderson, the drug dealer. ‘I have to take this’…


Scene 3 – He’s Mine!

With the information from Eric. Excalibur raced into London. Late that night he arrived at Brick Lane to confront the drug deal, but it was only Eric. On sight of Excalibur he ran.

Eric ran for his life. Fear driving him into an Alley. At the far end it was blocked by a wire fence. He looked over his shoulder. In the rain he saw him coming. Excalibur was walking up the alley towards him. Eric’s heart raced as he scrambled up the wire fence.

Excalibur caught up to him and pealed him from the fence. With little effort he  threw him to the wet pavement.

Eric backed away from Excalibur, to lean up against the  alley wall. Thunder roared and rain hammered down.

Suddenly, Excalibur caught a glimpse of a glint of metal and moved just in time as a shuriken embedded itself into a nearby door. A dark figure leapt down from the rooftop and splashed down behind him. Excalibur curled his lips in anticipation.

‘Leave him! The scum’s mine!’ She commanded in a French accent.

‘I don’t know who you are, but this has nothing to do with you.’ Excalibur warned.

‘Walk away else I’ll beat you to a pulp!’ She retorted.

Excalibur turned to see a blonde woman, wearing a silver and blue tight fitting outfit and a pair of ski goggles. She also carried a pair of tonfa and started to walk with purpose towards him. He punched Eric in the face and knocked him out. Then circles with the new comer.

‘I’m Tonfris, Now to teach you a lesson.’ Tonfris’s attack was a flurry of tonfa.

Excalibur could only defend against the angry brutal assault. Suddenly an opening appeared and he pressed his own attack with his blades. But each one like hers were blocked. She somersaulted and kicked out. Both had landed no blows.

‘Where is she?!’ She screamed as she attacked once more!


‘You know who! Don’t pretend to me!’ With that she suddenly struck out with a scorpion kick that caught Excalibur unawares.

Luckily, it harmlessly hit his armour. Sheathing his weapons. He said ‘Who are you talking about? We can go at this all night and get nowhere.’

Rage in her voice, Tonfris stood poised to attack. ‘Laser Lady. Where is she?’

‘I’m looking for her as well.’ He took out a pen and scribbled an address onto a scrap of paper. ‘Meet me here where there are no prying ears.’ He threw the paper at Tonfris.

Tonfris snatched it out of the air. Glared at him, Thunder echoed, rain poured. She glanced at the note saw the address. But when she looked up. He was gone.

Later that night he arrived at the address of an abandoned warehouse to find her waiting.

‘Glad you saw sense.’ He said.

‘What do you know of Laser Lady?’ She said without a moment’s hesitation.

‘I know she is missing, as is my Mentor The White Knight. Who is she to you? Miss Frise.’ He noted her stiffen. ‘You should hide your tracks better.

Tonfris took an involuntary step away, confused, how did this masked man know her. ‘Laser Lady was my mentor.’ Assuming he must have had some files about Laser Lady and herself. since he worked with The White Knight.

‘It seems we were both abandoned.’ He said.

‘Abandoned? I was not abandoned. She disappeared without a trace. She said she had some Pendragon business to do. Then that was the last I saw or heard from her.’

Excalibur thought long and hard. They talked into the knight about their mentors. Then he said. ‘Ok, here take this phone, Use it to contact me. I will call you if I learn anything. We should collaborate our investigations on this. Something strange has happened. I aim to get to the bottom of it.’

They parted company…

Scene 4 – The Cave

Excalibur was working over some files, when there was the tell tale sound of Fey’s knock at his door. ‘Come in’

The door opened and in rushed an excitable Fey Twiceborn. ‘Hurry! you must come!’

‘What is it?’ He asked.

‘You will see, I have found something secret.’

‘I didn’t give you permission to go snooping.’ He said somewhat annoyed.

‘You said I could treat it as my own home!’ She replied defensively

‘If I knew that you was going to go snoop…’

You must see this!’ She cut him off as she dragged him into the kitchen.

She raced past the table to a door in the back wall. A set of stairs led down into the wine cellar. Shelf after shelf lined the walls. Most covered in cobwebs and dust. Some of these bottles had been here for hundreds of years.

She went to the far end which had been recently disturbed. ‘The third bottle from the bottom… Go on!’

Excalibur pulled the bottle from the rack. Nothing happened.

Fey rolled her eyes. ‘No! Go back in time’.

He put the bottle back on the shelf. Nothing happened

Outcast threw her hands into the air. ‘Turn it anti-clockwise.’ She said incredulously.

As he twisted the bottle Counterclockwise the shelving moved back a few feet to reveal a recess in the wall. Suddenly a wave of sea air struck him. Looking in he could see a set of stair leading into darkness and heard the sound of the sea.

He walked across the room in just his pyjamas bottoms. Picked up a crowbar and descended with Fey close behind.

Descending into what at first appeared to be the foundations. a Waterlogged cave network soon become something else. There were workbenches. Old eighties style computer terminals. Excalibur turned on a generator and the cavern came to life. Both he and Outcast stood in wonder at the expanse of the cave.

‘What is that?’ Asked Outcast

Excalibur’s mouth parted in amazement. ‘That is a small sub. Lets see what this is all about.’ He then started towards a set of terminals along the far wall that seemed to have come to life. ‘What have you been keeping from me old man?’ He thought to himself.

The lair itself looked as if it hadn’t been used in many years. Brushing off cobwebs and dust from the computer he saw a flickering green cursor. After a while he managed to get the terminal to respond and a video entry started to run.

‘… He said he would be able to find her… Zzzzt … I am to meet him at the Vatican tomorrow afternoon, If only I can find her. I need answers to who he is.. Why was he left on my door step?… I owe it to him to give him the answers he seeks… zzztt… I can’t wait to return with Answers. I will soon find his mother, Just in time for his birthday. I just Hope Eldritch Stays true to his word. I have informed The Mystic that I will not be there tonight as they deal with the Horror… I must leave now…’ The Screen went blank.

Outcast found some documents. ‘There isn’t much here. Something about Camelot. I don’t understand.’

Excalibur started to investigate the sub. Inside looked like a 3 seat cockpit. Smelt old and damp. There was some sort of radar system and… Under the chair was an old leather bound journal. Inside the from cover was the words Camelot and a set of numbers. ‘I wonder…’ He started. Turning he spread a nautical map on one of the work benches.

‘Look, here.’ He pointed out after some time.


‘It is where the numbers in the journal point. Come on, we are going to find out what’s there.’

He called Tonfris to arrange to meet her at the cliffs nearby. Got dressed in his Excalibur outfit. Then met Outcast by the sub. They climbed in and soon left the cave to rendezvous with Tonfris.



Tonfris was waiting on the beach near the co-ordinates Excalibur had given her. When the sub emerged from the sea and trundled on tracks onto the beach she couldn’t believe her eyes. ‘I’m Impressed Mr Excalibur!’ She said.

‘Get in we are going for a ride. This is Outcast, a friend of mine.’

Once again they navigated through the sea until the came across a large dome structure sitting on the sea bed.

‘What is that?’ Asked Tonfris

‘Camelot… I presume.’ Excalibur wasn’t sure himself.

They docked with the structure and disembarked to find themselves in some sort of futuristic base. Weapons drawn the pressed on.

The doors opened with a sudden swoosh. Lights flickered to life revealing a lobby neatly decorated and looked as if they had been recently used. ‘What is this place?’ He whispered.

‘This is Camelot’ A mechanical voice echoed throughout the base. ‘Identify yourself!’

‘I am Excalibur, this is Outcast and Tonfris. Who are…’

‘Welcome Excalibur, we have been expecting you. Proceed to the briefing chamber at the centre of the base. All shall be answered.’ The doors to the far side of the lobby opened to lead the way.

The briefing room was dominated by a large circular holographic projector. Above it, suspended from the ceiling, were large screens. Suddenly a female voice came out of the speakers in the room.

‘You’ve finalled arrived Excalibur. We have been waiting for you.’ She said.

‘Who are you? Whats going on? How do you know my name?’ He asked.

‘One question at a time. I am Arthur.’ She said. ‘I run an organisation called Pendragon. A team of individuals who use their powers to protect the people of the United Kingdom from danger.’

‘Isn’t that what S.I.D do?’ He asked

‘It does now. But there were a time when the government was not prepared for the rise of supers. It didn’t have any facilities in place. Thats when Pendragon was formed just after the war.’ She informed.

‘Forgive me this is a lot to take in. So How do you know me?’

‘The White Knight was a member of Pendragon. As you well know. S.I.D took the name and made it theirs. They are hoping to find the base and use its technology. We cannot allow that.’

‘We, who are we?’

‘Pendragon of course. You Excalibur are now the rightful leader of team 4. I want you to continue working in S.I.D. But these facilities are to be kept the utmost secret. There are others in your S.I.D team that know of this location. Gather those you believe to be trustworthy form a team. The facilities here are at your disposal.’

‘How do you know I won’t inform the government.’ Excalibur’s mind was racing.

‘Because he who chases petty criminals in the shadows of the night is already breaking the law and keeping secrets. I can help you with your investigations finding the White Knight.’ Replied Arthur.

Excalibur thought for a while then agreed. ‘Ok, How can you help us with The White Knight?’

‘Merlin here will aid you with your investigation. I wish you luck Excalibur. Welcome home.’ Arthur then went silent.

Excalibur turned to Tonfris and Outcast. ‘What do you think?’

They both agreed to help him.

‘Very well, lets get started.’

With the help of the computer system Merlin they discovered The White Knight had made his way to the Vatican to meet with the Eldrich. They saw CCTV footage of The White Knight leaving The Royal Hotel enter an alley way then exit as the White Knight. The last they saw of him was heading towards the Vatican.

‘I have booked your flights and reservations at the same hotel room as Mr Knight. The flight leaves in eight hours sir.’ Informed Merlin

‘Very well, lets get some sleep and head to the Vatican’

They departed and retired for the night. Eight hours later after a short nap and a quick pack, they were on their way to the Vatican…

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