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Pendragon: Beacon of Despair Part 2

Issue #3 Beacon of Despair – Part 2




In order of the pictures left to right:

L.A.N.Ce – SID Anti-Supers Response Solution. Created by Novatech.
Overload – SID Agent, Speedstar with the ability to command electricity. Team transport officer.
Major Armstrong – SID Agent, Strength and Toughened skin. Teams Pilot.
After Thought – SID Agent, Telekinetic, and Psychic. Teams Public Relations Officer
Hotspot – SID Agent, Fire controller . Teams maintenance officer.

The team looked over the five murder victims case files. Including the latest demise of Climate, the escaped super villain who could control the weather. He was found in a wharehouse with a hole through his head. It wasn’t what the team was expecting at all.
Inspector Jonhstone stepped to leave the Briefing room. ‘I will leave this case in your hands. Find out what whack job is behind these killings and end this. Agent After-thought, you are in charge of the investigation. We received a call from Excalibur he has had to have to time to deal with a personal matter.’
‘What do we have?’ After-thought asked turning to the team.
Agent Overload passed out the case files and started to read out the main file. ‘We have five victiims all with the same hole in the head. It appears that there is no pattern between the dates of the killings.’
‘Ok, Who are the victims?’
L.A.N.Ce accessed the case notes. ‘There is Terrance Starling AKA: Climate. We found this known petty criminial in the Wharehouse in East India Docks, London. He had recently escaped S.I.D. custody with the aid of unknown accomplaces.’
‘Next is Jane Harroway. She was found dead in her cottage in Dover. She is known to police, but not for crimes. She is a known mutant. Her body can produce spikes. Her data file can be found under Spike.’ He sent them her files. Then continued. ‘Another victim was found in an ally in Avely. Outside the Black Boar Pub. Gareth Davies. An S.I.D. Operative called Wraith. Hmm… Says here he used to be part of Pendragon.’
‘Pendragon?’ Asked Major Armstrong. ‘How comes we haven’t heard of this?’
‘It mentions that another S.I.D. Pendragon Team were investigating his murder prior to their disapearence, actually if you look at these pages.’ L.A.N.Ce changed the briefing screen. ‘They have put together the afore mentioned case files. Well except for Climate that is. Ok the last two are Calum Keening, a prison officer who was found dead in his flat in Portsmouth. Then there is Henrik Larsson, a super with fire manipulation powers. He was found dead in his house in Leeds.’
‘Look here’ said Afterthought, ‘Three of the crime scenes show blood messages like the warehouse where we found Climate. Along with that strange star burst symbol. All drawn out of blood of the victims.’
‘What’s the messages? ‘ Asked Hotspot.
‘As you all know Climates message was “The world shall be ridden of the impure”. Jane Harroways “so begins the eradication of the imperfect”. Gareths “Imperfect…” this looks like it was disturbed during being written. Calum Keening had no message at all or starburst symbol. Henrik Larsson, “The end is almost here”.’
The team got to work investigating multiple leads. L.A.N.Ce found the star burst symbol associated to an Aztec artifact known as The Beacon. Hotspot discovered that a police report showed the manager of the pub discovered agent Wraith.
Checking CCTV footage about the time of the crime showed a white haired man dressed in a long overcoat and holding a short staff with a starburst symbol on its end, follow Wraith into the alley and then level the staff. CCTV then shouted an intense light. Once the light cleared they could see agent Wraith on the floor and the mysterious figure writing on blood. But then a woman comes out of the nearby pub and looks over the wall as the murderer takes off down the alley and out of sight of the camera.
Discussing their next course of action. They agreed investigating the scene of crime further would be beneficial.


The team made arrangements to talk to the manager of the pub who discovered the murder.
Tracey sat at her desk as the team filed in. All except L.A.N.Ce who remained in the incident van. ‘How can I assist you further officers?’
‘Do you recall seeing the man you saw that night in your pub prior to the incident? ‘ Asked Afterthought after explaining why they were there.
‘I have never seen him before.’ She replied.

They soon discovered there was nothing more that the manager could assist them with. Using her security cameras they could see the murderer pass her office towards the fields nearby. But still no clear visual of his face.

L.A.N.Ce surveyed the local CCTV and found several leads. The team searched the area and although the Footage showed the mysterious murderer leaving the scene. He never reappears elsewhere. Just image of a man walking his dog.

Eventually the team was back in the van. After-Thought turned to his team. ‘I think we best check out the crime scene at Calum Keening’s place.’

The team soon arrived at his flat in Portsmouth and began to investigate. After searching thoroughly they discovered that his prison pass was missing and that it was not being held in evidence.

Just as they discovered this an emergency call came in across the S.I.D radio asking for immediate assistance at the HMP Parkhurst prison.

Scene 7: The prison massacre

As the team arrived on scene at the prison they could hear the alarms going off and the sound of muffled gunfire from deep within.

Rushing in they found over 100 prisoners massacred! Gunmen shooting into the mass of drugged super villains held a the facility.

Afterthought reached out with his mind, snatching several of the gunmen up and smashing them together and against surrounding walls.

Overload raced in taking out several more, flanked by Hotshot who sent waves of flame against them.

L.A.N.Ce clanked in his anti-riot cannons sending rubber bullets ricocheting about the room.

As Major Armstrong stepped in to survey the room he caught a glint of a sniper on the far side. Just then the sniper fired. Major Armstong pushed L.A.N.Ce aside as he took the shot that sent him smashing through the walls into a nearby room.

Then the facility went black. Not just dark but pitch black.

Afterthought reached out with his mind but could not sense anyone else in the room. So instead snatched up the sniper with his Telekinesis and crashed him against the walls, knocking him out.

Overload sent a spark of electricity to light up he dark cancelling the effect to see the last standing assailant. It was the Mysterious murderer leveling his Staff at L.A.N.Ce.

L.A.N.Ce shot out and struck the murderer with enough force to knock him back into a wall.

Cuffing the assailants they couldn’t believe there eyes when they took off the mask of the murderer. It was Dr Drake!

The End…

The police and SID operatives finally arrived on scene and helped to round up the prisoners who had not been massacred. But as the team were going through statements with SID Investigation Teams etc. Else where a figure walked out of the London Bridge Underground station among the crowd. His face painted like that of a clown and his suit slightly dusty holding a device with a big red button in his hand. He laughs manically to himself. Then looks back at the Underground ‘Well, well. Isn’t this just going to be a scream! I think it’s time we played a little game. This is an old favourite of mine. HAHAH! Time to see your true colours Pendragon… as we play … Pendamic!’ He pushes the button… But nothing happens.

Looking confused he shakes the box and holds it to his ear then with a surprised look and a satisfied smile he pushes it again. KABOOM! and blows up London Bridge platform deep underground! ‘HAHAHA!!!’ Then walks off amongst the confusion.

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