Pegasus Engine Print Run!

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So… What’s Ocuring?

I have been working on some projects for the past week.

Pegasus Engine CORE RPG: Printing Has Began!

All the Covers for all the books in the Limited Edition Premium Box Set and member copies have been printed and are now Laminated.

The Internal pages for Book 1 CORE RPG are on the press! A little bit of work here!

Encounter Cards

A stock of Encounter Cards has been printed and is waiting for finishing and packing for the Expo!

These beautifully illustrated Quick Reference Cards save the Encounters Guide from wear and tear and are an amazing GM Game Aide.

I use them for my games and they save so much time and space. I have purposefully designed them to make my job as Games Master easier, and hope that will make it easier for you too!


Check out the latest Miniatures!

Miniature Show Case

The latest miniature has been added to our range The Lortan Looter. These Alien scavengers have arrived in Luna City with nothing to their names. They scrape a living by trashing stores and joining gangs of organised crime. The Wardens round them up on sight for the deportation tank. Will your Strike Force Crime Squad have a Lortan or two?

Once Strike Force has been completed I will be working on a full set of Squad stats for Alien Scum by DSM Miniatures. Who has kindly provided permission to include his miniatures as part of our Strike Force Start Box!

As well as Strike Force Stats, I will also create a race profile for use in Starfall.

GMD proudly presents the latest in Five Dice Games Licensed Miniatures by DSM.

These will soon be available at & will be added to the XP Chart throughout the year for Members to obtain for FREE.

Another miniature showcase next week!

Can you guess what it is? Leave a comment below… Also, would you prefer ready-painted miniatures?

Hard Back Books

Only backers waiting for their Hardback books do not have their rewards. I have merged all the books and so far it is sitting at a mammoth 340 pages! This will shrink by the time I have taken out the record sheets and contents of each book. But still, what a tome!

Things are hotting up with production of the Expo stock and a few machines needing maintenance. So Time has been limited, but I am sure I will be able to complete the hardback in a week or so.

Winter Pack

Rewards are being printed! My weekend was filled with laminating covers… Not a task I enjoy one bit. But it is done and I am in the process of printing out over 100 books to send to Members.

The plan is to start postage by the end of the week! But this is not written in stone, it all depends ho other tasks that are not popping into the to-do list get on. Also, I have my printing business products to deal with too. But everything is being handled and I hope to remain on target.

Once this has been completed I will make a start on the Easter XP Chart. Giving you all plenty of time to start ordering your Easter Pack. Not a member? then join now and start saving up some XP, also your support will help me afford to create some new products!

Online Solo Adventures

I am planning to start the online Solo adventures. If I can I will start them very soon, currently, it is looking likely to start in June once, Expo is over. Watch this space though!

You may have noticed that I have been adding some virtual rewards for you to collect each week. These will all be needed to p[artake in the online solo adventures as well as the characters I have been adding to the Featured Characters List.

I am experimenting with the backend software to see what works for the Member’s experience. The More members we attract the more I can afford to add. As it costs quite a bit each year! So a massive thank you to all my existing members who have helped bring the experience to life. You have managed to build up quite the XP and reward stockpile to give you a boost!

I will add a dedicated page for each element as soon as time allows. But first, let’s get you some extra rewards…

Purple February

Did you know that purple is the colour of February? I didn’t know! Learn something new every day…

To celebrate the arrival of February here is 1 Ultimate Purple Shard to claim… But it is only available for a week!

Make sure you are logged in first!

Purple February

1 Purple Shard

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Married the Chieften daughter Cala. But when the Chieften was slain on their wedding night he rose to become Chieften of Caladon.

Rastan has embarked on many adventures with his trusted friends and defeated the flesh-eating Maltri Tribe, Escaped the Galditorial pit of Elarsa, and rebuilt Caladon.

Would you like to see Rastan and the Barbarians of Caladon as Pre-generated characters for the Pegasus Engine as well as an adventure based around Caladon? Let me know in a comment below!

Member Rewards!

Whenever I do a featured character, you can earn Character Tokens for that character to help you collect the tokens to add the character to your Nexus Roster.

Why not let other community members know by notifying them of this reward via the #community-chat Discord channel? Any member that does will earn a bonus of 5 Rastan Tokens!

What is a Nexus Roster?

A Nexus Roster is a group of characters used to participate in competitions and solo adventures that I will create across the website. This is planned to start major project development in June, once we have finished prepping for the Expo!

In the meantime, make sure to grab as many coloured Shards, Character Tokens, XP and other rewards as possible! It is going to be fun and there will be unique rewards to discover and add to your packs. I will also be purchasing some amazing prizes when visiting game stores, conventions etc to use as give-away prizes to find within competitions and solo adventures as treasure. These will of course be limited to first come first served!

Only Members can earn rewards, so why not become a free member today? But if you want to help support what I do so I can afford to live and create amazing content, please consider becoming a paid member.

Latest MVP write-ups and awards!

MVP is the Most Valued Player Award voted on at the end of each Pegasus Engine Playtest session.

Winners earn Red Shards and XP!

MVP: Starfall The Intrepid Episodes 45

The Cast

Captain Fang Edari

Tactician (Actor: Rich)

Race: Breegan

Position: Ship’s Captain

Skilled in Diplomacy, Tactics, A Variety of Ship Operations

Lieutenant Peridot

Enhancer (Actor: WAracolyte)

Race: Xarian

Position: Ship’s Doctor

Doctor and robotics specialist.

Specialist Bruuk

Scrapper (Actor: Eusi)

Race: Felorian

Position: Ship’s Security

Skilled in Felorian Guerilla warfare.

Lt Junior Jag

Defender (Actor: NoQuarter)

Race: Polarian

Position: Ship’s Engineer

Engineering & Mechanical specialist.

Specialist Kroom

Defender (Actor: Silvereagle)

Race: Kreen

Position: Ship’s Scientist

Skilled in protection and stealth. Kroom is also incredibly observant.

Act Commander Loev Covis

Agitator (Actor: Woadan)

Race: Polarian

Position: Ship’s Scientist

Loev is a skilled interrogator and religious guide.

CPO Aiden Popkiss

Ranged (Actor: Dave)

Race: Colonial

Position: Ship’s Pilot/Security

Skilled in piloting, driving and shooting things.

All artwork was created by GMD Online and supplied for free as part of the GMD Online Membership package. I want to say thank you to all Members for believing in and supporting GMD Online.

The Story So Far…

The Intrepid is currently in orbit around the Sector Signal Tower in the Signus system within Polarian Alliance Sector PA-02-04.

Managing to decrypt the file with fantastic teamwork (Lucky Dice Rolls and Poor Dice Rolls by me!). the priority message was displayed. They learn the keys are the heads of state, the Decrypted file suddenly disbands the current Polarian Alliance government and appoints Captain Eldari as its current leader. It then instructs him to appoint 12 heads of state to unlock the location of the Vault. It appears they are the keys.

Each of the founding races is required to be assigned as a head of state. Captain Eldari does not waste time and starts appointing crew members to the position. Acting Commander Loev complains, but Eldari explains that time is against them! They must locate the vault if they are to learn how to defeat the Polarian enemies.

They release quickly they do not have all the races aboard. It appears their tour to collect all the races was orchestrated by previous president Talamara but was interrupted by the Khan’in invasion.

Deciding which direction to head in first, they begin to look through the restricted files. What they discover alarms them. A sense of urgency fills the briefing room, but an alert of the arrival of a Polarian Battleship sends them racing to the bridge and entering a state of red alert!

What player won MVP? Read on…

1st Place: RICH

2nd Place: NoQuarter

3RD Place: Woadan

Why not become a member today and start earning XP and supporting the creation of the Pegasus Engine and it’s CORE Worlds? I cannot do it alone, together we will build better worlds!

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