Patron Log-In Tutorial

To log in and stay logged in with your Patreon account follow the following steps.

I have used a mobile phone as an example, but the process is exactly the same via Desktop / Tablet etc…

Step 1 – Click the Menu Icon

Step 2 – Select Log In

Step 3 – Confirm you are not a robot

Step 4 – Scroll down and tick Keep Logged in

This can be found below the Non-Patron Members Log in area.

Step 5 – Click Log in with Patreon

Step 6 – Click Allow

You must be logged into your Patreon Account on the PAtreon Website (See link at top of Log in page)

If you have not clicked remember me on Patreon Website you will have to go through this process every time when logging into GMD Online

Step 7 – You are logged in

You should now see your avatar icon top right and a black bar at the top of the page.

Step 8 – Enjoy your Patreon content!

Any difficulties with any of the steps of this tutorial, please pop onto Discord and send GMD a private message or chat to me if I am in the Chat Lobby / Patreon area.