Patreons Figure Flat Requests


Hi Patreons!

The Task to create Figure Flats has now popped up in my todo list!

So before I go ahead with the various Packs… You, as always, get to name and decide what character stars in this Pack! 

All Figure Flats will be supplied for free once they have been created as a PDF to all! Patrons will gain early access. 

The first pack is:

Universal Human Fantasy Pack: Male & Female You get to choose one slot for this Figure Flat / Token to be created as an official product.

Available Slots:

Human Male Warrior – Available

Human Female – Available

Human Male Mage – Available

Human Male Cleric – Available

Human Female Cleric – Available

Human Male Thief – Available

Human Female Thief –  Rosalind De Sylva 

Human Male Ranger – Available

Human Female Ranger – Available

Human Male Barbarian – Available

Human Female Barbarian – Available

Human Male Bard  – Available

Human Female Bard  – Available

Remember these are for HUMANS ONLY!

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