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Welcome to GMD Online Loyalty Portal

Below you will find access to bonus rewards depending on your Tier of Support.

  • Digital Reards such as Tokens, 2D Mini’s, PDF’s and Comics etc…
  • Art Rewards Such as Art Cards, Character Portraits etc…
  • Physical Rewards such as books, tokens, cards etc…
  • Community Rewards such as Comic game access, Nexus Online etc…

2D Miniatures

  • Figure Flats
  • Patreon Only cut-Outs


  • Scenic Artwork by Joseph Knight
  • Scenery & Character Portraits by Daniel Harper
  • Character Portraits by Sarah Harper

Collectable Art Cards

  • Gain access to Digital Downloads
  • Access Order Forms to create your Character art Card
  • Order FREE Printed Art Cards
  • Patreon Discount Codes


  • Digital Downloads
  • Order Forms for FREE Printed Tokens
  • Discount Codes for Printed Tokens

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