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Patreon Meeting November 2020


On 6th November 2020 a patron Members meeting was called. Below are the results of that meeting.

It was announced that the CORE RPG Kickstarter will be launched on FEB 1st 2020!

FDG will continue to help by organising games night.

It has also been agreed that Martyn, Spike and Hrefn may be able to set up game fillers when games are cancelled.

This will free up time to concentrate on delivering products on time and develop RPG adventures for the GMD Members.

It was agreed Members could help by liking and sharing advertised products, Via Social Media, Such as Facebook and Twitter.

The CORE RPG kick-starter advertisement campaign is due to start JAN 1st. I will require help spreading news throughout social media.

This will involve promoting serious game development. An increase in playtesting An increase in Artwork.

Campaign games will be broke down into small chapters to allow a turn around in available games spaces.

More Art and Freebie offers are to follow including Special Limited Edition packs, Artwork, hopefully some new products etc…

2020 will see music,  miniatures, band Battle-maps, added to the production list.

The big topic discussed was EXPO 2020, 

Spike, Woadan, Rich and NOQUATER have all agreed to assist on promotion stand for its duration. In return hotels and entry will be provided. As well as meals and refreshments. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my supporters for their continued support throughout this project.

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